How did you get into blogging?

I heard about blogging whilst studying at the FRA and wanted to give it a go. I was quite nervous about starting one as I worried about what people would think. After a year of thinking about it and researching, I decided to start up my blog sharing my daily inspirations and outfits. I have learnt so much since I started and I don’t know what I would do without my blog now. It’s my thing that I can get lost in and get creative with.


The majority of my photos are taken by my Mum because she always knows what works and what doesn’t. When it’s not my Mum, it’ Ted, Sam or blogging friends. Ted loves shooting my photos, and he’s always asking when he next do it - he’s actually really good! But sometimes, because of his height he doesn’t quite get all the angles and that’s when my Mum usually steps in. Sam also takes a few of my photos but normally when we’re on holiday or out and about.


All of the work and content I produce has solely been created by myself and that’s how I’ve always pictured it to be. However, I do have a few little ideas up my sleeve and are looking to recruit a small handful of new bloggers who are looking to get theirselves out there. If you have your own blog and would like to grow your statistics and following, please do get in touch with me as I have a few plans that may appeal to you.



Usually a brand will contact me asking to work together on a collaboration and will often pay me to create the content. Brands will pay influencers as their following could bring in a large volume of sales and not only that, loyal customers who will continue to shop with them throughout a lifetime. There’s also other ways of making money IE. Affiliate links, commission, youtube plus many more.


To be honest, I would say I spend pretty much the majority of my spare time on my laptop but it’s because I love what I do and I don’t see it as work. However, sometimes it is quite nice to switch off from everything and that’s when I go to the gym. As much as it’s physically hard work, it’s not so much mentally. When I go out with the girls or Sam, I tend to leave my phone in my bag so I can enjoy the moment without worrying about work or the next task on my to do list.

how did you get into fashion buying?

After graduating from the FRA, I went full time at a company called base Childrenswear and was asked to join the buying team by the managing directer. I would say if you can start off in a smaller company then great as this really worked for me. With this, I found that I had so much freedom to implement new structures, databases, spreadsheets etc so it was great having those responsibilities.