Welcome to My New Blog!


I have been thinking about this day for the past 4 weeks & I can’t believe how quick it’s actually come round. It seems like just yesterday I was looking at dates to launch my blog and decided that today would be perfect. I wanted to launch it towards the end of the month ensuring that I have a full months content on here before sharing it with you all.


I wanted to relaunch my blog as it’s important to keep up with this social media industry. Things are always changing and new content is always emerging. When I was studying at the FRA, creating magazine features and layouts was something I thought about going into so having my own digital magazine was literally a dream come true.

I wanted to relaunch something I was proud of & was pleased to put my name to. I want to thank all of you who have been following me and read my blog posts on a regular basis. For all the people who have messaged me over the past few years explaining how you love reading my blogs, how they inspire you and sometimes help with certain situations.

I decided to create this new blog from scratch and wanted to take the next step and be able to play around with so many more functions and technicalities. I wanted to switch from using the platform ‘Blogger’ as there was only so much I could do with it’s features.

Blogger is a great platform for beginners and if you’re looking to start something up. I often bought templates that were ready made and applied for me so all I focused on was producing the content. However, I wanted to have something that was all my own work from start to finish and that’s why I decided to create my new blog.

One thing about blogging is that I have learnt so many tech-y things through teaching myself and researching the never ending lists of how-to guides. If you asked me 3 years ago how skilled I was in creating websites etc, I would of said not at all - I didn't even know what a domain was!

I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and love the new layout as much as I do. I’m so pleased to be able to finally share this with you and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Love you all, Robyn x