Straighter Teeth Without Braces

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Throughout senior school, it was one of the biggest trends to have braces fitted and many people in my year had them whilst we were growing up. Every couple of years, my Mum took me to the orthodontist to see whether I could qualify to have them done free of charge on the NHS. I was always a fraction out meaning that I would have to pay up to £3,000 to have them put on privately. That was never an option so I just had to suck it up and get on with it.

At a quick glance, my teeth don’t look wonky at all and I am quite fortunate that they’ve always been quite good. However, the reason my Mum wanted me to get braces fitted was because her wisdom teeth started to come through at a young age causing the others to move around. She thought that the same issue would happen with me, which it did.

I rarely see people having braces fitted at my age and if I do, they have paid quite an extortionate amount to have them put on. Which leaves what other options?

A year ago, I started my teeth straightening course with Your Smile Direct. They create invisible braces that are made to fit and reshape your teeth over time. They’re a whole lot cheaper than the original braces and you can barely notice people wearing them. They also offer monthly instalments over a period of time if that’s a preferred option.

The process is very straight forward. I went into their clinic in London and within 15 minutes I was out. If you don’t live near London, they can also send you a home kit for you to make the moulds up and send back to them. The lady made note of measurements etc and within a few weeks I received my aligners pack.

The pack came with 10 invisible aligners that were each slightly different and were going to help re-shift my teeth. I get asked quite a lot about my Your Smile Direct treatment so I thought it would be helpful to include a little Q&A below which should answer a few of your questions.

  1. How often do you have to wear them? 22 hours each and every day.

  2. Can you eat with them? You must remove them before eating and make sure you brush your teeth to remove any excess food before putting them back in.

  3. Can you drink with them? They recommend you only drinking cool water whilst wearing them. Hot liquids can damage the aligners and soft drinks can encourage discolouring. If you would like any of these drinks, simply take them out beforehand.

  4. Do you sleep with them? Yes as you should be wearing them for 22 hours a day in order for them to make a difference.

  5. How do you keep them clean? You should rinse them with water every night however, I often used toothpaste and a tooth brush to make sure they were extra clean before bed.

  6. Are they painful? I found them quite uncomfortable for the first few days but this is very common as your teeth are adapting to them. People that have braces fitted often experience the same issue.

I hope this has answered a few of the questions you may of had. If you would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I will do my best to help :)

Love Robyn x