How to Reduce The Appearance of Wrinkles


Wrinkles is a something I didn't think I’d be talking about just yet however, the best way to prolong the appearance of wrinkles is to look after your skin whilst you’re young. Wrinkles can be brought on through stress, sun damage and lack of hydration in the skin and that’s why it’s always important to wear SPF whilst on holiday and moisturise your skin on a daily basis.


It’s becoming more common that young people are having procedures done that help to prevent wrinkles and natural signs of ageing. I’m not against it, however, I do believe it can have a negative impact when shared across Social Media as young people can be led to believe that they have to keep up with things like this. Personally, I would rather try out a variety of beauty products before diving into those procedures to find something that works for me and is less invasive. I wanted to share with you a beauty treatment that’s been proven to reduce the visibility of wrinkles just within 45 days.


R45 The Reversal by Beauty Bio has been backed by Science and been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, fade spots, uneven skin tone and open pores. It’s a 3 phase process that contains key ingredients that concentrate on your skin’s performance and it’s recommended that you only have to complete these steps 2-3 times a year!

For the best results, they suggest to apply before bed

Love Robyn x