Monday's Read: Bike Rides & Chilled Vibes


Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I felt that it went so quick - quicker than usual! Probably because I’ve got so much work on at the moment that I was pretty much thinking about it all weekend.

I can’t believe it’s the launch week of my new blog! All weekend, I was actually thinking that I’m quite excited for Monday because that’s when the countdown begins - is that quite sad? Four weeks ago, I put the 28th October in my diary and wrote ‘blog relaunch’. I’ve been working to a tight schedule and I still have tones to do before Sunday (putting pressure on myself as always) but I’ll get there. It’s going to be a busy week but it will all be worth it in the end.

Anyway, my weekend. After I finished work on Friday night, I went to Bethnal Green to get my eyelashes done by The London Dolls. It’s my second time visiting them as I loved my lashes so much when I originally had them done! I had them done about 6 weeks ago and they lasted so well, I even had quite a few in still. Up until now, I’ve usually had Russian lashes, however I noticed that they don’t actually last as long and as soon as a few fall out, you start to notice lots of gaps. So now I go for the classic lashes and they also look a lot more natural.

After my lash appointment, I went to my cousins as it was his 11th birthday and all my family were round there celebrating. I didn’t get there until late so I missed quite a bit, but any opportunity to see my family and little cousins is always nice.

Saturday morning, I don’t know what I was thinking haha. I told my brother and cousin that I would take them for a bike ride over the country park. I borrowed my Mum’s bike and whilst cycling, we found a few bike tracks so of course we gave them a go. My Brother and cousin were on mountain bikes so they actually looked the part, whereas I had a traditional bike, and I didn’t look the part.On the way home from our bike ride, we stopped off at Tesco’s to grab some lunch which I cooked for the boys.

I then dropped them off at my cousins and went to get my nails done in Brentwood. Last week, I found this nail art account on Instagram and booked an appointment with her straight away. I had shellac done and a few white hearts scattered across my nails - they look so cute! However I think they would look even better if my nails were just a tiny bit longer. Ever since I had an issue with acrylic nails, I’ve been apprehensive about getting them done. So now, I’m just trying to stick to shellac and hopefully in a few weeks time they would of grown quite a bit.

Saturday night, me and my friend Chelsea went into Colchester for dinner which was lovely. Chelsea’s boyfriend plays for the Colchester so we’ve recently got to know each other at the games. We went to Zizzi’s which is one of my favourite restaurants. Anywhere that cooks pizza is a winner in my eyes. After dinner, we went to one of the bars in town for a few drinks.

Sunday morning, whilst Sam was at football, I was sat on my laptop working on my blog and preparing it for the re-launch. I managed to get quite a lot done before taking Flo for a walk. When Sam got home, we went for lunch which was nice because that was the only time we really had to spend with each other over the weekend.

After lunch, I made my way home as I knew I had so much to do for my blog still and also had to finish off work for Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger. It was a busy afternoon! In the evening, my family sat down for a roast and my Mum had bought Ted the game ‘catchphrase’ so we played it after we finished eating. It was so much fun I actually can’t wait to play it again this Sunday haha.

Love Robyn x