Monday's Read: A Weekend of Football Games & Personal Training Sessions


Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve had the best weekend and are all looking forward to the week ahead. I had such a busy and productive weekend - I love when they’re like that. I ticked off the majority of my to do list and felt satisfied last night knowing I’ve done all I needed to do.

Friday night I stayed at Sam’s and got up early on Saturday to go to the gym. I left Sam in bed as he had a game that day and went to do some cardio and abs. When I got to the gym, I didn’t actually have a plan set out - I never do. I normally wing it and see what happens. I ended up doing a 5k run which took me just under 45 minutes. I can’t remember the last time I done a long distance run so it was good to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to do it a little faster.

I then went to watch Sam’s game and met up with all the girls there. Sam scored which was a bonus and it’s always a nice feeling listening to the crowd chanting his name. After the game, I had a few drinks with the girls in the bar and then made my way home.

I had a very chilled Saturday evening. I ended up in bed quite early reading my ‘Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba‘ that my friend Keah bought for me as I had a personal training session at 8am the next morning. Sam was also going out in London so I knew I was going to wake up at some point to let him in.

Sunday morning I had my alarm set for 7am and was in the gym by 8am. It was a nice time of day to go because it was so empty. I had a personal training session with Jack O’Sullivan and we’re currently in the process of putting a plan together for me to go by. It was such a hard session! I actually woke up this morning aching all over my body but that’s good and I’ve grown to like that feeling after the gym.

Ted also had a game on Sunday and I love going to watch him and his friends play. They’ve come on so well and get better every week! I also took Flo over the park so she could have a little run around. When we got home, we had a bite to eat before me and my Mum went to Lakeside Shopping Centre for a bit of retail therapy.

On Sunday’s my Dad always cooks a roast and it’s the only time during the week that we all get to sit down for dinner as a family. During the week we’re always so busy so we make it a ritual that Sunday’s we eat together. I then ran myself a bubble bath and relaxed with a face mask. It was nice to end the weekend chilling out and preparing for my oncoming week at work.

Have a great week!

Love Robyn xxx