Monday's Read: A Long Weekend & Fresh Nails


Good evening everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great Monday so far. 

I had quite a lot of holiday to take from work so I’ve actually been off since Wednesday this week which has been lovely - an extended weekend which means an extended Monday blog post!

It was my Brother’s birthday on Wednesday and he was 11 years old. I find it crazy to think where all these years have gone?! We spent the day putting together his new toys until my family came round for dinner in the evening. 

Thursday morning I was up quite early as me and Emma were heading off to the Cotswolds for the evening. I wrote a blog post all about it and what we got up to so you can find out more about our trip here

By Friday evening, I was quite exhausted from all of the driving I did over the past 2 days. My Grandma & Grandad were round so we all had a catch up before Sam arrived. He needed to get some jeans from Lakeside shopping centre so after dinner, we went there and had a little look around. By that time, we both had a sweet tooth so we stopped off at a dessert restaurant. He has a waffle with smarties and ice cream whilst I went for something a little less colourful; a warm chocolate brownie which I couldn’t actually finish! It was so filling but very delicious!

Saturday morning we made protein pancakes together before Sam left for his football game. I, on the other hand, went to get my nails done in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. I went for nude as that’s always my go-to nail colour and considering it’s Valentines coming up, I had a little red hard covered in glitter on one of my nails. The lady who did them was so lovely! I would really recommend her if you’re within the Hertfordshire/Essex area. 

That afternoon, I came home and watched a bit of TV with my Mum. She’s not been feeling too well so it was nice for us to have a couple of hours on the sofa together - something we never do! My friend Jae then came round for a little while which was nice. The both of us are always so busy so it’s lovely when we get the chance to have a catch up. That evening, me and Ted then ordered a dominos pizza and sat together watching the TV whilst having a feast. 

Sunday morning, I was up early and went to the gym. I did a pretty intense leg session which I’m paying for today as they’re in agony! But it’s all worth it. I then took Flo for a walk before me and Ted went out for a bike ride. Talk about workout overload! I had to pick up some dog food for Flo so we cycled to the shop together and grabbed some lunch on the way. It was so lovely and it’s something I want to do with him quite often. 

Last night I actually went to bed quite early so I was ready for an early morning and this week back at work. 

I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll catch up with you guys soon,

Love Robyn xxx