Escape to the Cotswolds: The Fish Hotel

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Escaping to the country is always a good idea. Thursday morning, me and Emma set off to the British countryside for the night and stayed in the most beautiful and picturesque treehouse at The Fish Hotel. I’d seen quite a few people on Instagram that had been to The Fish and it was somewhere I’d been wanting to go for a while.

The Cotswolds is so peaceful. The first time I went was this time last year actually. It’s so tranquil and somewhere I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re looking to get away for a night or two.

We arrived at The Fish hotel and were shown to our Treehouse which was unbelievable. As we walked in, we spotted our outdoor baths which overlooked the most amazing views. We had a drink as it had taken us 2.5 hours to drive there from London so we were in need of a little rest and refuel.

Later that afternoon, we had our baths and I never wanted to get out - I could have sat there for hours taking in the scenery. We then had dinner booked for 7:45pm so we got ready and headed down to The Hook restaurant. The restaurants interior was stunning and there were a variety of lit fires around the place which really boosted the whole countryside aesthetic.

After dinner, we had a little walk around the main venue. There was a lounge where a few people were just relaxing whilst having a few drinks, a few different seating areas, bars, boot rooms, games room and outdoor seating areas that were lit by fairy lights. It was beautiful! We then headed back to our treehouse to unwind and catch up on our emails and blogs.

Yesterday morning, we had our alarms set early and was blissfully awoken by the blanket of snow outside our treehouse. The whole forest and apartments were covered, it was literally like a winter wonderland. We then went back down to The Hook where we had breakfast and I also had a hot chocolate which was lovely.

After breakfast, we went next door into one of the seating areas and sat beside the lit fire. It was so lovely and warm and especially because it had been snowing outside. After yet another hot chocolate, we headed back to the room to pack our bags. It was going to take us a little while longer to get home due to the snow and ice roads so we left with plenty of time.

I would recommend staying at The Fish Hotel if you’re looking to book a holiday to the Cotswolds. There’s different types of accommodation that you can stay in including the treehouses, farmhouses, huts, suites plus many more. It’s perfect for couples as well as families as they have plenty to do there and lots of fun experiences.

To discover The Fish Hotel, click here.

Love Robyn xxx