My Key Wardrobe Item | Hedoine Tights

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I’m more of a skirt and dress kind of girl when it comes to getting ready and going out. My draws are forever bursting full of tights as they’re a key item in my wardrobe. However, I must admit, I usually wear black tights so wearing skin-coloured ones was a first for me. Actually, something I wish I’d done sooner!

I spent the afternoon in London last week and I wanted to change up my outfit. Despite the cold weather, I wanted to wear something other than black tights so I opted for the skin-coloured ones. I had fake tanned my legs slightly, however, these tights helped to boost my colour just a little bit more. I decided to wear the slightly darker coloured ones for this reason. In future, I’ll bare this in mind when I’m rushing out the door with hardly anytime to fake tan.

The tights I’m wearing are from a company called Hedoine. They have 3 different colours at the moment and are soon to release more. The reason why I like wearing their tights is because they make me feel super elegant and they’re very well fitted as they have a compression waistband.

Already, I feel as though I need to place another order with them just so I can stock up on their skin-coloured tights. If you want to find out my first impressions on Hedoine tights, you can watch my YouTube video here.

Don’t forget, you can also get 30% off at the checkout automatically when entering their website via here.

Love Robyn xxx