Monday's Read: A Weekend of YouTube

Good evening everyone. I feel like today’s gone so quick! Well to be honest, every Monday seems so go quick, they’re always the busiest days!

Friday evening I came home from work and put on the first episode of Manhunt. I’ve really got into these crime and investigation series recently! The original plan was to watch 1 episode, go to the gym, come home and watch the rest. Well I should of known that wasn’t going to happen once I started watching it. Me and my Mum were all snuggled up on the sofa and we ended up watching all 3 episodes that night. It’s a good series - I recommend watching it. 

Saturday morning I went to the gym and done 2 HIIT sessions, 1 on a treadmill and one with weights and the ropes. I probably shouldn’t of done it as hard as I did as I was going straight to my horse riding lesson afterwards and my legs were pretty much aching by the time I got there. 

I got to the stables and this time I was on another horse, she was a little bit faster. My friends been teaching me and this week we did something different. She competes dressage so  we did a bit more on my positioning and techniques which was fun. 

When I got home, I then filmed a YouTube video that will be going live next Sunday. I then spent the rest of the afternoon editing it so it’s all ready for next week. Then Saturday evening, I drove to Sam’s as he had an away game so he was home quite late. 

Sunday morning I was awake at 6:30am. My body clock just tells me that’s the time to wake up now, even if it is a Sunday haha. I went to get me and Sam a McDonalds breakfast as I’d been craving it for a while. Shortly after, I left to come home as I had so much to do. 

When I got home, I filmed another YouTube video and edited it so it could go live on my channel last night. Have you watched it yet? If not click here. I can’t believe how many videos I’ve managed to film and edit in a weekend! This is a new record for me, I was quite pleased with myself this weekend with how much I got done. 

Me and my Mum then went into London as I had to shoot some new blogging content. I drove to Chelsea - it was quite a nice drive! There was hardly any traffic which is unusual so it only took about an hour to get there which was nice. Once we finished, I drove home and the sun was just setting over The Shard and Tower Bridge - it was beautiful and was a lovely end to the weekend. 

I hope you all have a productive week and I’ll catch up with you all next week. 

Love Robyn xxx