Monday's Read: A Weekend in Center Parcs


Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had the best weekend. I usually write my Monday blog posts on Monday (strangely enough) however, this week I’ve decided to start it a little early. It’s Sunday evening and I’m currently sat here watching the football with Sam at Center Parcs. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put together my little collage of photos that we’ve taken over the past few days.

As I mentioned in my previous Monday’s Read, we booked this weekend pretty last minute and it’s been so nice to get away and relax together. As you probably, know, Sam doesn’t get anytime off during the season so when this weekend came up, we jumped on it straight away. There was only 1 hotel room left when we booked and Sam didn’t read the small print until Friday morning when he realised he’d booked an adapted room. So as you can imagine, it’s pretty spacious and we’ve been sleeping in 2 single beds haha.

We arrived at Center Parcs late Friday evening and had a little look round before sitting down in the sports bar for some dinner. We were so hungry after an hour or so of travelling to Woburn Forest. After dinner, we had a few games of pool (which I won) and had a few drinks at the bar. As I mentioned on my Instagram, every time me and Sam go away on holiday, we have a competition to see who can win the most amount of games. I’m actually pretty good at playing pool, although Sam says it’s more ‘luck’ haha.

Saturday morning, we woke up and had breakfast in the sports bar. We were up quite early so it was wasn’t at all busy. We then went and had a game of crazy golf which got quite tense until the last round when Sam eventually overtook me! Until then, I was winning on every hole. After golf, we went to Starbucks and I had a hot chocolate whilst Sam had brulee Christmas latte. We then went to the shop and grabbed some lunch before going swimming.


Sam was so adamant that he wanted to beat me at pool so we have a few more games before heading back to out hotel room to get ready for dinner. We went to Strada Italian restaurant which was just a short walk from our hotel. Normally we would always get bikes when we come to Center Parcs, however, our hotel is in amongst the main plaza so we’ve been pretty close to everything. We then booked bowling for 10pm so we finished up in the restaurant and went over to leisure bowl for 2 games. Sam won both games as bowling isn’t really my forte.

Sunday morning we woke up around 8am and went for an early morning run around the lake and woodland lodges. It was quite nice to explore a bit more of Woburn Forest as it’s the first time we’ve both been to this Center Parcs. We usually go to Elveden Forest however, it was quite nice going somewhere different.

After our run, we came into the sports bar to have some breakfast. The food here, by the way, is lovely! We then went back to our room to grab our swimming stuff and was in the pool by 10am. It was still very quite so it was nice being able to jump straight on the waterslides without having to queue. Sam actually loves swimming and water rides. Me on the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of water so there were a few slides that I stood back on and watched him go down haha.

After swimming, we had a bite to eat, played some more games of pool and grabbed a Starbucks. We’ve spent the majority of this afternoon chilling in the sports bar and watching the football games. I actually really enjoy watching football so it’s been a nice afternoon. We’re now going to go back to our room to cook some dinner before going swimming again. If you come to Center Parcs, you need to experience going down the rapids at night - it’s the best!


I hope you all have the best week and I’ll catch up with you soon.

Love Robyn x