New Hair Extensions + YouTube Video | Inanch London


As you’ve probably seen from my Instagram stories recently; I have my hair extensions back! I’d had them in for a year so it was a good time for me to have a break and have them taken out for a while. I had them out for about 3/4 months and honestly, I missed them the whole entire time! With hair extensions, they recommend having them removed after a year to allow your hair to breathe a bit before having them put back in. 


I went to visit Inanch London a few weeks ago for a consultation. Inanch, the owner, was so lovely and talked me through the whole process and we spoke about my hair colouring to ensure we had the perfect match. I was looking to go a little bit longer than my original hair as well as adding some thickness. As well as that, I really struggle to curl my hair. There’s something about it that just drops straightaway which is so annoying as I love curly hair. By having hair extensions, my hair now curls and it stays in place.


My appointment was booked for 3 weeks time which was nice as it was just before Christmas. I arranged an earlier appointment at 9:30am and I was finished by 12pm! It was such a quick process. 


I started off by having my hair washed which was literally unreal! I went into a dark room and sat down on one of the massage chairs to have my hair washed. I could of sat there forever; it was so relaxing! After my hair wash, I had it blow dried and here you’ll be able to see the before photo.

Inanch then started to apply the hair. Altogether, I had just under half a head of Gold Class hair extensions fitted. Inanch cut and styled it once they had been applied to neaten off the finish. We took photos before we curled it and as you can see, I had quite a bit of length added. We wanted to show you how you can use extensions to style your hair. Whether you prefer straight or curly hair, there’s so much you can do with them. 

Have you checked out my Hair Extensions YouTube video? Click here

Love Robyn x