Monday's Read: Nights Out & Center Parcs Booked!


Happy Cyber Monday! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend shopping and making the most of all these discounts. I didn’t actually buy anything but I know a few of my friends managed to get some really good deals. I’ve just got home from the gym and I’m feeling quite refreshed after a workout with my friend. We started off with some abs and then I set us up a little hit session. I’m really into hit at the moment as you can create quite fun sessions. We’ve planned to meet down there again on Wednesday and I’m quite excited to plan another one for us. 


Anyway, onto my weekend. Friday night I drove to Sam’s as I planned to stay in Colchester the whole weekend. We had some dinner and watched Naked Attraction in bed. Have you ever watched it? It’s pretty entertaining! I don’t know how these people find the courage to go on shows like this, but it was quite fun to watch haha. 

Saturday morning I went to the gym and did my own abs and arms session. I rarely train my upper body - I’m actually quite weak! So as you can imagine, I was really aching afterwards. I grabbed some lunch on the way back to Sam’s and we spent a bit of time together before he went off to football. I also left about the same time as I was going to my friend Ellie’s. Sam managed to get my friends tickets for his game and it was their first time watching him. He scored and was man of the match! He’s doing really well at the moment. He was in the Sun Newspaper today, awarded with League 2 goal of the week and was also in the EFL team of the week. I’m very proud. Saturday night me and the girls went out in Colchester and Sam was also out with his friends. It was nice having everyone together and we had such a laugh!

Sunday morning I woke up round Ellie’s with Elena and we just relaxed. It’s always funny waking up with the girls the next morning reminiscing on the nights antics. Sunday afternoon I went round Sam’s and we ordered a Dominos pizza. It’s just what I needed after our night out. We also booked Center Parcs for this weekend! Sam has the weekend off which is such a rare occasion so we’ve planned to go away. It was a bit last minute but sometimes they’re the best plans. Neither of us can wait for a weekend away, it will be so much fun!

I hope you all have the best week and I'll catch up with you all soon.

Love Robyn x