Monday's Read: Shopping Trips and London Attractions

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Happy Monday everyone and I hope you’ve had a great start to the week. I’ve been bed bound for pretty much most of the day as I’ve had quite a mad migraine. Unfortunately, it’s something that I suffer from quite often and quite frankly, it sucks. Despite having blurred vision for most of the day, I didn’t want to let you guys down and not upload my usual Monday blog post.

Friday night I went to the gym and done a workout. I done a bit of cardio and finished off with an upper body session which is pretty new to me. Apart from classes, I don’t really train my upper body and I’m actually quite weak when it comes to things like that. I’m just starting off small and getting myself to those sort of exercises.

Saturday morning, I got up and left my house at 8:15am to drive to London. I had a consultation with Inanch London for some hair extensions. I cannot tell you how much I have missed having them! I gave myself a few months break from them as I’d had them in for a year and wanted to spend a bit of time conditioning my hair and using hair masks.

From London, I then drove to Bluewater Shopping Centre and met up with one of my friends for lunch. I hardly go to Bluewater so it was nice to go somewhere different. From Bluewater, I went to the gym. I got there about 4pm and it was so quite which was nice. I then came home as I wasn't feeling too great and ended up having a relaxing night in watching Bridgit Jones’ Baby with my family.

Sunday morning I was up pretty early and went to the gym. I did a whole hour of training abs which is something I haven’t done in a long time. It was good to dedicate a full hour to it and I’m paying for it today!

When I got home from the gym, I went into London with my Mum as c2c rail service invited us for a trip out around London. We jumped on the train from Essex to Fenchurch Street and had an afternoon of exploring the landmarks. We went to Coppa Club for a hot chocolate which was lovely and then went for a walk along the Tower of London. We had such a lovely afternoon out together before coming home, having dinner and settling down to watch the beginning of I’m a Celebrity. Sam also came round for dinner so it was nice to all be together.

Love Robyn x