Twenty Two Things I'm Grateful For

Hello Twenty Two! Where has this time gone? Sometimes I feel as though I’m still seventeen, just passing my driving test and spending the majority of my time chauffeuring my friends through the McDonalds Drive Thru. A lot has happened over the past few years; I left college and started full time employment which was a huge change in itself. I became more independent by having my own car and of course I started my blog which has just been the biggest part of it all. As I’ve recently turned twenty two, I thought I would list twenty two things that I’m grateful for.


01. My Family. Where would I be without my family, the most important one of them all. I love having a big family and it’s certainly something I want to have when I get older. They’re always so supportive and encouraging towards one another.

02. My Mum. She is my absolute rock and in fact, my best friend. It’s like we always pass everything by each other before committing to the final decision. She knows me so well, sometimes more than I know myself. When I’m stuck, she always has the answer and I’m so grateful to have the support and love she gives on a daily basis.

02. Centre Parcs. It was my grandparents 50th Anniversary this Summer so they took the family to Centre Parcs for the week. I love Centre Parcs so much - I often went with my family once a year so I have the most amazing childhood memories there. On the day of their anniversary, we all prepared a secluded area within the forest where we all sat down for dinner. Times like this are unforgettable and in my Grandad’s words ‘something that money can’t buy’.


09. The Fashion Retail Academy. I know I’ve probably said it ten times over by now, but the FRA was honestly the best 2 years of my life. I met the most amazing friends whilst studying subjects I loved. I would do anything to go back to this college.

03. My Blog. Never did I think when I started my blog 3 years ago it would be what it is today. So much so, I have created a whole new blog from scratch. I have learnt so many things and taught myself everything I know about creating blogs/insights/data and the list goes on. My blog plays such an important role in my life. It’s a place for me to let everything out and run away with all my latest inspirations. I’m so grateful for everyone who takes the time to read my posts.

04. My Friends. The girls mean the world to me, I’m so grateful to have met them at the FRA. Our girls holidays are literally the best, we’re all so similar and always have a laugh. Already we’re talking about Marbella 2019, just wising it would hurry up! We have lived so many amazing memories together and I can’t wait to share many more with them in the future.

05. My Home. I’ve always been grateful for my home and everything my parents have provided for us. However, as I’ve got older and began to look around at house prices, it’s made me appreciate it so much more as I’ve come to realise how much they actually cost to buy and run. Living in areas with direct links to and from London, the house prices shoot right up. Because I live on the border of London and Essex, it’s very convenient for me to get to places by public transport and the M25.


06. Trip to Disneyland Paris. For my Grandma’s 70th Birthday this year, my Grandparents took my family to Disneyland Paris for the weekend. I’ve been a few times but I was so young so I didn’t remember much. I’d been wanting to go back for such a long time and I was so grateful to be able to spend the weekend there with my family.

07. My Job. On my first day of college, I remember being sat in a classroom with everyone and the teaching asking ‘Who wants to go into buying when they leave?’ I remember roughly 95% of the class all raised their hands. It’s such a competitive job to get into, especially when you have students graduating and coming out of college with all types of qualifications. I’m so grateful to have had the experience at base, flying on business trips to Milan, Florence, Paris and now working for Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein.

08. Ted. My Brother means the absolute world to me. We’ve always been so close and I think that’s mainly down to my Mum; helping us grow and making sure we're always there for one another. He makes me laugh so much and I can’t express how much I love him.

10. Sam. I can’t believe me and Sam have been together for nearly 4 years now. He makes me laugh so much and I always love spending time with him. We often go on dates for dinner and sometimes train together in the gym. He’s so kind and caring and I love all of the memories we have created together.

17. Young Artist of the Year Award. For my Art GCSE exam, I wanted to do something based around natural disasters as it’s a topic I’m so fascinated about, as you probably know. At the time, I was reading a lot about Pompeii and the disruption that was caused from Mt. Vesuvius. In my exam, I created a piece that was inspired by Chiharu Shiota and by the people that were turned into stone when the eruption hit the city. For this, I won a young artist of the year award.


12. Education. Even little things like this I appreciate so much as you often hear about people in 3rd world countries that go without some things we sometimes take for granted. I’m very lucky to have had a good education system growing up and having private tutors when it came to my final years at primary and senior school. As much as I hated the sessions at the time, I’m so grateful for them now and always want to gain as much knowledge as possible.

13. Working with Brands. I never take any of this for granted. I really do appreciate when brands read my content and love what I do. I’m so grateful that people take time out of their day to look through my blog and watch my YouTube videos etc. I still get so excited when emails come through from brands asking me to create content for them.

14. Flo. Aw my little baby girl. I have wanted a dog ever since I can remember but my Dad’s never been a fan of animals. When me and Sam decided to get a dog, we kind of won him over by telling him she’d also be staying at Sam’s too. Now he’s got to know her, I’m sure he secretly loves her haha. She’s got such a funny character, I love taking her for walks every night when I come home from the gym, that’s our little bonding time - just the two of us.


19. Raising Money & Awareness for Charities. During my last year at senior school, me and my friends signed up for the 5k Cancer Research run. It was my first time raising money for charity and it was all for a good cause. Last summer, I was invited to Malaga, Spain with Feel Good Drinks to do a Skinny Dip for charity. This was a huge thing for me to do because I’m extremely prudish. Sometimes I even feel uncomfortable in a bikini so doing this along with 100 women was a huge achievement for me.

15. Owning my Own Horse. I was obsessed with horses when I was younger and started riding when I was 5 years old. I took part in many competitions and dreamt about owning my own horse. For my 10th birthday, my parents surprised me with a horse, Libby. She was an ex-racehorse so she was very high maintenance but I loved her and gave her all the time in the world. She was such a fine and delicate horse that it came to a point where we were spending so much money just on vets bills alone. In the end, I had to give her up and it was one of the hardest things to do.

16. Blogging Trip to Krakow, Poland. This like this make me realise how far my blog has come. Without that, I would have been able to do all of these amazing trips with brands. Last November, I went to Krakow, Poland on a blogging trip with TBP Talent. We went for a tour around Auschwitz which is something I will never forget. It completely hit me, something I still struggle to get my head around. We also went on segway tours around the city, dinner parties and many more which I’m so grateful to have had the opportunities.


17. Trip to the Amalfi Coast. Going back to my Art GCSE project, on my 21st birthday, my Mum surprised me with a trip to the Amalfi Coast. She had planned for us and my Aunts to walk up Mt. Vesuvius and visit the city of Pompeii before getting our own private speedboat to Capri for the day. The Amalfi Coast is the most beautiful place I have ever been to and I can’t wait to go back.

18. School & Work Friends. Throughout school and the workplace, friends come and go. However, I’m so grateful to have held onto a few special people that will always be a part of my life. They’re always there for me through thick and thin and so supportive of everything I do. You know who you are and I love you all.

20. Feeding the Homeless. Last year, my Brother had an innocent conversation with my Mum asking where the homeless spent their Christmas. With that, my Mum asked him if he would like to make up a shoe box and hand it out in London to someone sleeping on the streets. After talking about it with my Mum’s friend, we decided to make it into a bigger thing. We filled 50+ Christmas bags full of thermals, food, blankets, socks, hand warmers etc and handed them out to homeless people around London. To me, that meant more than Christmas itself.

21. Loyal Followers. I read each and every comment I get across my social media platforms and try and respond to as many as I can. One particular message that I will always remember was from a 14 year old girl who had been feeling sad recently. She explained how reading my blog had been helping her to block out negative issues and how much of an impact my posts had been making. Just that one message made my blog all worth while.

22. Icco Pizzaria. Well, well, well. We’ve saved the best ‘till last. What a place, what would I do without Icco. As many of you already know, I’m the biggest fan of pizza and if you’re in London, you must check this place out! When I was studying at the FRA, me and the girls often went there for lunch because it was so cheap and the pizzas are so big! I’ve got so many amazing memories of this place so I always find myself creeping in there for food when I’m in the area.

Love Robyn x