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Saturday, 30 June 2018

What I Wore in Rhodes, Greece

I've recently returned home from Rhodes and already I'm suffering from those typical post-holiday blues. Me and Sam stayed on the Greek island for 8 days where we spent most of our time catching a tan and chilling out - it's the first time we've done anything like that! Our usual holidays consist of different excursions every single day but this time, we wanted to strip it back and totally relax.

As always, I managed to overpack my suitcase with lots of things I didn't wear nor use whilst I was away. But that's just a girls thing, right? I also packed lots of new clothes that I had delivered just before I went away and wanted to share my outfits with you.

During the day, I wanted to be more comfortable in what I wore as I hoped to catch a tan in the 27 degrees + heat. Usually in the UK, I wear t-shirt dresses and nothing really changed whilst I was on holiday. I ordered 3 different t-shirt dresses from Hype which were essential and often found myself throwing them on top of my bikinis when we visited the beaches. 

My other alternative was this beach coverup from Pretty Little Thing and which unfortunately, is no longer on the website. On one of the days, me and Sam hired a car and drove into Rhodes new town where we stopped off to grab McDonalds. The new town was a bit more commercial so you can get away with being a typical Brit and walking around wearing next to nothing haha.

The evenings were a tricky one as our hotel restaurant was quite posh and had certain rules for what you could and couldn't wear for dinner. Every night Sam had to wear trousers so I jumped off the back of that and also went for a dress-ier attire. I loved wearing this faded leopard print body suit and faux suede skirt together and then paired it with some heeled sandals. 

One night we decided to change our half board dinner to lunch in the hotel. When we arrived we grabbed a pizza in a restaurant just down the road from our hotel so we wanted to go back there for a proper dinner. I got sunburnt quite bad on this day so I also wore a lightweight blazer as I started to get quite cold in the evening.

And the most important of them all; swimwear. I was addicted to this new coral/pink bikini from Pretty Little Thing and found myself wearing it a few times over. I love wearing corals whilst I'm away on holiday as they really help to enhance my tan. One piece of advice; if you do buy this bikini, if it's wet, make sure you keep it away from any other clothes as the dye in mine ran and nearly ruined one of my dresses but thankfully, my Mum managed to wash it out before it permanently stained. 

Another bikini I wore was from Figleaves. They have quite a lot of swimwear on their website so if you're going away, make sure you check them out. I've got quite a few bits from there now and I'm so happy with the quality of their stuff.

Love Robyn xxx

brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with