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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Top 5 Nail Colours This Season

Seasonal nail trends are pretty predictable and rarely change unless somewhere releases a new technique that we all want to try out. In the spring, we tend to ask for more pastel and paler colours such as sky blues, mint greens and so on. In the summer we opt for bright colours such as pinks, corals and reds - they really help to show your summer glow off! Throughout the Fall and Winter we stick to autumnal colours such as reds, plums and greys. 

In August last year as you know, I had some issues with my nails and have 4 of my acrylics rip my nail away from my skin. Yes it was extremely painful! Anyway, only in the past month have my nails grown back to their normal length so I haven't been able to get my nails done since August. To be honest, I haven't wanted to get them done either as it's given me the chance to look after my own nails and treat them properly. Oh and I've been able to experiment with all my new nail colours! I wanted to share a few of my favourite nail vanishes with you and soon we'll be transitioning from Winter to Spring so here's a crossover from both seasons.

I'm all up for trying out new nail polishes at the moment and heard about Nailberry a few months back so I thought now is the perfect time to try them out. I currently have two of their polishes; Simplicity and No Regrets. Simplicity is a nude colour which always works well especially in this season and no regrets is a burgundy/plum colour which is my favourite once I've had a fake tanning session. The polishes at Nailberry are free from the 4 things the can weaken your nails; Formaldehyde, Tolueve, DBP and Camphor. I must add, I have never actually heard of those things before but I'm all for protecting nails ... especially after my saga!

I've been using makeup from the Lola collection for a while now so I had no hesitation when trying out their nail polish collection. I currently have 2 polishes from their collection including 025 Ballerina Pink and 029 Plum Pudding. Out of the 2, the Ballerina pink is my favourite! I'm a sucker for nude nail polishes and often stay clear of anything pink as I'm quite fussy with that colour. I always find that some pinks are either too bright or too much like a 'hot pink'. With the Ballerina Pink, it's a pastel shade and a lot more subtle.

Barry M
So these nail varnishes are probably my favourite of them all purely because you can wear them with every single nail colour! Barry M have lots of different glitter nail varnishes for you to chose from so you can always be sure to match up the right base colour with the glitter. Another reason why I love using these glitter varnishes is because they help to hide any little dents or chips that may form. In all honesty, I'm not the best at painting nails so I let these glitter top coats tell a different story!

I'd love to know your thoughts on your favourite nail polishes so please be sure to leave your comments below!


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brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with