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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mum's are more than 'Mother's'; they're our counsellors, cooks, teachers, helpers, taxis and of course our best friends. Some of them are also Father's whilst having a full time job which is amazing! I love that we set aside a day every year where we celebrate all they have done to make us into the people we are today. In my opinion, we should be celebrating this more than once a year because being a Mum is a tough job and most of them are doing pretty good. 

My mum has done an amazing job raising me and my Brother. Always teaching us right from wrong and helping us to create the best life we could wish for. I don't really wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to things like this with my family, but I want her to know that I appreciate all of her hard work immensely. 

Some of our mum's have been through a lot as women. From pregnancy to raising us throughout our childhoods. Some have fought through fertility treatments, miscarriages and even losses and that's why we should appreciate them and everything they've gone through.

I speak to my Mum about near enough everything. I open up about most topics to her and I always know she's already there waiting to listen. We always chat, gossip and give one another advice. I'm so close to my Mum and whenever I've had any issues, she's the first person I go to.

She was my agony aunt throughout school and I was always coming home asking her for advice on certain things that were going on in my life. I often heard the expression 'mum knows best'. At the time I remember thinking it was a load of rubbish, but as I've grown up, it's proven that 'mum does know best'.

My Mum has taught me and my Brother a lot over the past years and is the reason for who we are today. When I was Ted's age, my Mum would help me with all of my homework and making sure I absorbed as much knowledge as possible.

Back then, I couldn't care less about school and homework. However, now I appreciate all of those private teaching lessons and all of her efforts in making me walk away from school with the best grades possible.

Whenever I've been round friends houses or caught out somewhere, my Mum would always come to the rescue. One phone call and within minutes she would be there to bring me home. Little things like that are thrown away favours, but I'm so grateful for all those times my Mum came to pick me up from places. Before I started driving, she was always mine and my friends taxi driver. Well saying that, now I am driving she's still my taxi driver haha.

My mum knows be better than anyone and always knows what I'm thinking before I start speaking. I've spent so much time with her and appreciate everything she's done for me. When I look back over the years, I feel like saying thank you isn't enough and will never make up for everything she's done for me and my Brother. She's so supportive in everything we do and believes in us knowing that we can achieve our goals. 

When I started blogging, my Mum didn't have a clue and I was often sat down with her explaining what everything meant and what my aims were. Since then, she's stood out in the cold and snow helping me take photos and making sure I'm creating the content that I need. She reads through every blog post before it's published to make sure I've not messed up with anything and helps me with everything else in-between. 

I really can't explain how much my Mum means to me and I'm so proud and grateful to have her. I decided to get her a few little bits from Debenhams as a little appreciation of what she does. If you're looking to get your mum the perfect gift this Mother's day, I would recommend you checking out Debenham's as they have many items to suit every type of Mum out there.

Happy Mother's day everyone,

Love Robyn xxx

You can also get yourself 10% off when you spend £50. Just use the code 'FD23' and it will expire on 30/04/2018.

- Mother's Day Gift Guide -

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