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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Travel Diaries: 48 Hours in Amsterdam

For years now I’ve really wanted to go to Amsterdam, Netherlands but it’s one of those things that never got round to being booked. I remember when me and the girls were sat having lunch one day at the FRA talking about booking it that weekend but that day never came. 

Anyway, 4 years later and I can say I’ve been to Amsterdam! A few weeks back me and the girls were talking about going for a little trip away and managed to get some dates in the diary. It worked out quite well as the dates we arranged were around the time of Elena’s birthday so it was the best excuse to take a trip to Amsterdam. Cut a long story short, between me, Ellie & Elena’s sister, we arranged to book the trip as a surprise and turned up to Elena’s the night before our flight to tell her we were coming along. 

The 4 of us were up and out by 4am and in Amsterdam by 9am. We jumped on the train and got a taxi straight to our apartment to offload our bags. That was when I realised that the £450 sunglasses Elena asked me to look after weren’t in my bag ... as you can imagine my heart literally sunk. With that, we spent an our on the phone to Easy Jet & the airport trying to find out if they’d been located. I literally felt so awful and after a while, they were finally found on the plane! We had to wait for the flight to return to Amsterdam around 2pm with the glasses so until then, we went for a stroll around Dam Square and along the canals.

By then, it was lunch time so we all sat down and grabbed some lunch before Elena & her sister went to the airport to pick up her glasses. Whilst they were gone, me and Ellie went for a walk around the city to get our bearings  and see what there was to do. That’s when we stumbled upon the Red Light District. First impressions: I thought it was a lot bigger than what it was. I thought it went on for a mile at least with every single window featuring a girl. Instead, the main part it was made up of 2 streets that occasionally featured girls throughout the day. 

When I first saw one of the girls, it actually surprised me. Of course I’ve heard about it and what happens, but seeing it in real life is another story. All of the girls we saw were dressed in their underwear and occasionally tapping their lighters on the windows as guys walked past. I then found a souvenir shop which I had to go in of course and buy a few things. I’m not a massive souvenir person and don’t normally buy gifts when I go away, but as I was in Amsterdam, I thought it would be quite funny to buy my Brother & Sam a few things. 

For my Brother Teddy I bought a boob stress ball and a boob postcard. He’s at the age now where he’s literally obsessed with boobs it’s actually quite funny. He’s not shy to tell anyone either! For Sam I bought a postcard, willy warmer and a grow your own willy (which he’s currently got in a glass of water in the corner of his room).

We then met back up with Elena & her sister in a Bulldog cafe which is one of Amsterdam’s most popular cafes. They’re dotted all over the city so you’re never too far away from one. We sat in there for a while before heading around the red light district again with Elena & her sister. We stumbled across a peep show and when you’re in Amsterdam ... Anyway, we walked in and went in 2s into these little cubicles. I went in with Ellie and of course it felt really weird lol! We put €2 in and stood there for 2 minutes watching a girl walking around this little room with her bra off. Not going to lie, when she gave me eye contact I felt slightly awkward and that’s something I never wish to do again haha. When we all got out we were a bit dazed and didn’t really know what to feel.

We then decided to sit down in a dessert restaurant and eat some cake. To be honest, all of our cakes were pretty awful as they leave them out for days before people come along and buy them. It was then dinner time and we found the most amazing Italian restaurant that overlooked the Canal. 

As we walked along the canal, we came across the Prostitution museum. Once we were inside, we were given headsets which told us a story about every room we went into. If you go to Amsterdam, I would recommend this over the sex museum any day! It was so interesting and we found out so much about the lives these women live and how awful some of them are treated.

We finally arrived back to our apartment which was only a short walk away from the centre. By this point, we were all shattered and ready for bed! We sat around for an hour or two thinking about getting ready to head out but not one of us wanted to make the first move. Eventually by 11pm, we started getting ready and by 1am we were in Supper Club. We tried to book a bed at the club but it was already fully booked - we couldn’t believe how busy the place was on a Monday night. The club was shutting at 2am so it was short and sweet and we were certainly ready to head back and catch up on some sleep. 

The next day, we woke up and headed off to the sex museum. This is just a standard exhibition that everyone visits when they go to Amsterdam. It was made up of 4 floors with VERY graphic images around the walls in each room. There were also a few mannequins dotted around which had us in fits! With the sex museum, it it was it is really. I didn't find it that interesting and certainly preferred the prostitute museum over that. 

We then went for lunch at the Grasshopper which was recommended to us by a friend. Whilst we were there, we were on the phone to EasyJet looking to extend our stay and rearrange our flights! We fell in love with the city so much that we just wanted another day there to walk around and take full advantage of what Amsterdam had to offer. 

Apart from the typical cafes and Red Light District, Amsterdam is such a beautiful city with so much to offer. It's well known for business and trainer shops which seek people travelling from all of the world to visit. So many of the locals had such an unreal street style and they all dressed so cool!

After lunch, it was time for us to start heading back towards the apartment for us to pick up our cases. Our flight was at 7pm that evening so we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to catch the train and grab something to eat. Our flight was around 40 minutes long which was amazing! By the time we took off and got in the sky, we were getting ready to land.

Love Robyn x


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brands I’ve loved working with