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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Making Positive Starts to 2018

Yet another year has flown by and what a year 2017 was! Firstly I just want to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who supported me throughout the year and to every single one of you who reads my blog posts. It really means to much to me and I'm so grateful that you love to read things that I've created. Now we're onto 2018 and I'm sure lots of us want to make a few positive changes this year. I've learnt recently that putting titles and pressure on certain things can by the catalyst to disaster. That's why personally, I'm not calling this '2018 New Years Resolutions'.

In the past when I've wanted to change something about myself, I've made it out to be a big deal and a huge commitment. This time round, I know I want to make certain changes but I'm going to do them one by one and gradually instead of going in for the kill. For instance with the gym; I'm no longer looking at it as being a big thing and something I really need to stick to. Instead, I'm looking at it day by day and taking each of them as they come. I think it's better to look at things daily, don't worry about tomorrow, the weekend, next week. Just focus on today.

Towards the end of last year I created a habit tracker which I'm pretty obsessed with. I found that everyone was doing them on Pinterest and I wanted to try one out for myself. Another thing - I like to think that when you have that lightbulb moment, that's when you know you're ready to change certain things. That may not necessarily be 1st January, you just need to know when the time is right for you. Anyway going back to my habit tracker, I listed 25 different things about myself. Some positive, some negative. I listed all of the dates across the top along with the days of the week then down the side were a list of things I wanted to change about myself and what I do.

A few of the negative things on my list were; fizzy drinks, pizza and takeaways. I found that I was drinking a fizzy drink every single day without noticing it. Everyday with my lunch I would have a bottle of Dr Pepper and in the evenings I wouldn't be shying away from the litre bottle of coke. As you all know, my & pizza are a match made in heaven which is now why I'm limiting myself to 3 a week. You may be thinking wow, 3's still a lot! On a weekly basis I would have easily consumed 4/5 pizzas so cutting down to 3 is the first step. Now as for takeaways, near enough every weekend will consist of some sort of takeaway, whether that's McDonald's or Dominos. Creating my habit tracker allows me to pay more attention to what I do on a daily basis and how I can switch my lifestyle and become healthier - step by step.

A few of the things I wanted to try more with were; cardio, reading, spending -£20. When I go to the gym I don't normally do much cardio purely because I don't really enjoy it. However, since having my habit tracker, I just focus on today's list and that's it making my cardio sessions a bit less daunting. As long as I do 15 minutes of cardio each day, I can continue colouring in the boxes until it will just become easier. Reading. Now that I'm older, I really enjoy reading. I bought a book a few weeks back called 'Find Calm' on my iPad and I haven't been able to put it down. I came to realise that I wanted to start being more mindful and thinking a little bit closer into things. I don't often find much time to read because I'm always on my laptop or phone. However with my habit tracker, I must ensure I complete all of my daily tasks which makes finding time to read a bit less stressful. 

Now we're in January, we all probably agree that we need to be more wise with our money after christmas and the boxing day sales. Including some sort of money saving task is always a good idea as it makes you aware of what you're actually spending. Days would go past where I wouldn't know how much I've spent so this is where the habit tracker comes in handy.

If you're looking to change certain things about yourself this 2018 then make sure you start off with small steps if you want to achieve your goals. Decide on something that works for you. Whether that's a todo list, a note on the fridge, anything. That's why this habit tracker works for me. It's more about looking into your habits that are essentially your daily tasks and changing little things at a time.

For Habit Tracker inspiration click here. For Habit Tracker printables click here.


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