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Sunday, 14 January 2018

January Beauty Favourites from Barry M

Barry M has become my new go-to for makeup and I wanted to share a few of their new sets from their latest collection with you. I'm a sucker for gift sets and little collections because you have more products and makeup looks to play around with! 

The sets typically consist of 3-5 products inside as well as a clear plastic case for you to store all your makeup in. Sets like this also encourage you to try out new products that you may have not necessarily picked up if they were on their own in stores. That's why I've always preferred eyeshadow palettes over single pots as I love experimenting with new colours and if I don't like them, then there's plenty more. Here are a few of the sets I have;

Natural Beauty
This set is perfect for creating a natural look and applying key beauty products. The sculpting palette is perfect for applying your makeup on-the-go with 3 different powders to choose from. The Take a Brow gel is perfect for shaping and defining your eyebrows. I always use eyebrow gel to set my brows and to prevent them for having a mind of their own! The set also includes an eyebrow pencil as well as a matte liquid lip paint which completes the natural look!

Cosmic Nights
The essential beauty set for all you party go-ers! The 4 pack set consists of a highlighting palette with 6 different shades to chose from as well as a body glitter pot. You'll literally be glowing for dayysss! Inside you'll also find a black waterproof eyeliner which is key in every girls makeup bag and lastly the showgirl extra volume black mascara.

Golden Glow
Keep up with your summer tan this winter with their golden glow 4 pack set. Apply your in the glow body oil for a fresh bronzed look and relish in it's tropical fragrance of Tahitian Gardenia. You'll also find another illuminating strobe cream but instead, it's more of a bronze shade. A girls key beauty product is their bronzer so expect to find a huge 15g pot which is enough to last a lifetime! The molten metal nail paints caused a storm when they were released earlier on last year and if you haven't already tried them; then nows your chance as the 'Bronze Bae' shade is included in this set.

Sculpting Kit
This strobing technique is the word on everyones lips with it becoming one of the latest beauty trends. In the set you'll find a contour cream pack which consists of 1 contour shade and 1 highlighter shade. My favourite thing about the packaging with this one is that you'll find a diagram of how to apply both shades. Contouring and highlighting can get very confusing when it comes to knowing where you apply it on the face. No more struggles! Within the kit there's also an illuminating strobe cream and loose setting powder which is key!

My favourite of them all has to be the Natural Beauty kit as it consists of everyones beauty bag staples - you just know at some point you're going to need every single one of those items so I think it's a great combination. Have you tried out any of these Barry M sets? If so, let me know what you think down in the comments below,

Love Robyn xxx


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brands I’ve loved working with