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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas Holiday's Spent in Dorset

Dorset is such a beautiful part of the UK and what better way to plan a visit just over a week before Christmas! I've been to Dorset a few times before but have only stayed in Weymouth so I was really looking forward to seeing a bit more of what it had to offer. 

The Blogger Programme arranged for the #TBPTalent family to stay over for the night in a gorgeous mansion with lots of activities to follow the next day.

It didn't start off too well ... My train was booked from Waterloo-Wareham at 7:05pm Monday and due to a trackside fire, I was diverted to Paddington where I was told to begin my journey there. 

When I got to Paddington, I ran to jump on the train and found myself walking into the first class carriage. So this is what happened. I sat down in the corner - in what it looked like, an arm chair. I plugged my phone on charge and just waited until I heard any signs that would cause me to move.

I overheard the train manager telling a couple if they wanted to upgrade to the first class carriage they would have to pay an additional £50 on top of what they'd already paid. So god knows how much the seat was worth that I was sat in! 

When he asked for the tickets, I kindly told him I didn't have a first class ticket but I was just hoping to charge my phone as I've got a long way to go. You know, putting on the whole sob story effect haha. The guy was so kind and let me stay there for 10/15 minutes just whilst I charged my phone. I finally got to Reading station where I jumped on a train to Bournemouth. 

When I finally got to Bournemouth at 9:10pm. The next train wasn't until 10:10pm. So without any charge on my phone, I had to find myself a way to amuse myself for an hour. 

In the 20th century, amusing yourself without technology isn't the easiest thing in the world haha. Anyway, 10:10pm finally came round and I jumped on a train to the final destination, Wareham. 

I pulled up at The Linden's, part of the Kate & Tom's organisation, around 11pm Monday evening and was so excited to finally see everyone! We sat around the christmas tree and handed out our Secret Santa presents whilst eating Lola's Cupcakes and drinking mulled wine - The best way to prepare for the christmas holidays! 

After a tour around The Linden's, I then dropped everything off in my room where my bed was full of goodies from Oway HaircareThe Happiness Planner and Milk & Cooky's. We soon headed off to bed and set our alarms bright and early for the following morning.  

It was around 6am Tuesday morning that I woke up and started getting ready for the day ahead. The weather couldn't have been any better as the sun started to rise nice and early. We spent the morning taking lots of pictures and sitting around the breakfast bar eating croissants and fresh fruit before heading off to Lulworth Cove. 

Lulworth Cove is a quite little village where the atmosphere is so serene and nature couldn't be any closer. We started off with a coastal walk where we discovered some of England's most extraordinary landforms. 

Our tour guide at Lulworth Estate explained how the cliffs had been formed by tectonic plates thousand of years ago and how the power of the ocean have caused such a mass amount of erosion. 

As you know, I'm so fascinated by Geography and Geology so my ears were wide open listening to all the stories that had lived to tell the tale at Lulworth Cove. 

The village was so peaceful as we continued to walk towards the pebble beach and back up towards the main visitors centre. There's no question as to why they receive over a million tourists each year travelling to explore the coastal walk. 

We then went onto Lulworth Castle where we sat down to have Afternoon Tea in the basement of one of the four towers - Certainly something to tick off the bucket list! The 17th century castle was surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes which overlooked the sea.

It was then time for us to start making our way back to London. I actually travelled the whole way from Dorset back to Essex with my suitcase half open because yet again, I overpacked haha. Does anyone else ever do that or is it just me? I always feel like I need to take my whole bedroom with me incase I desperately need something which is never the case. 

We finally arrived back to London Waterloo station and all headed off in separate directions home. Thank you to The Blogger Programme for a relaxing Christmas break - I can't wait for the next one!

Lots of love

Robyn xxx

brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with