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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Creating the Perfect Stationery Collection

Stationery is my weakness. Since a young age I've always been interested in new pads, pens and pencils to the point where I'd never actually use them incase they got dirty. The thought of using a rubber to erase something I'd written would give me anxiety knowing it would no longer be crisp.

With stationery, I often get sucked into the prints, designs and full collections - Oh and if they're Instagram worthy, then it's always a must! I'm a pretty organised person and stationery plays a huge part in planning my daily tasks and my overall life.

I love using pretty notepads to write down my ideas and plan all of my blog posts. Since I've got older, I've found myself shopping for stationery in niche shops where I end up buying into the whole lifestyle of collections and the latest designs. I also love browsing through collections that I can relate to. Whether it's a quote or pizza, if it plays a huge part in my life then I'm sold.

I recently discovered this website called Central 23 where they sell a variety of products such as notepads, candles and greeting cards. Literally everything I could ever ask for. I was having a look through their notepads and journals and couldn't decide on which one I wanted. It was such a hard decision between the Constellation Daily Journal, Everything You Like, I Liked Five Years Ago and No Bad Days. In the end I went for a leaf print design which unfortunately is no longer on their website. However if it's one you're interested in, tweet me and I can find out whether it will be coming back into stock. 

I love this notepad as it's the perfect size for me to carry around in my bag. In the past I've bought larger size notepads and have always struggled to carry them or squeeze them in along with everything else I put in my bag. Inside the notepad the pages are lined with sections for you to fill out the day, month, notes and to-do lists. It's quite handy as I always find myself trying to section off my daily notes and to-dos whereas this daily journal has already done it for me.

The print is made up from shades of greens and black which makes accessorising a whole lot easier! Whether its a green or black pen, black stapler or green sticky notes, you can build a very classy collection around this notepad. Having a collection of stationery always motivates me to get things done and gives me more inspiration to come up with new ideas. 

Have you bought something from Central 23? What are your stationery essentials? Tweet me and let me know.

Love Robyn xxx


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brands I’ve loved working with