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Friday, 20 October 2017

Travel Diary of Naples: A Trip to Pompeii

Following on from my previous blog post; Travel Diary of Naples: Climbing Mt. Vesuvius Volcano, within the same day we went on a trip to Pompeii to discover the ruins of the city. 

The Reason Behind my Trip to Pompeii
My Mum booked for us to go to Pompeii as my whole art GCSE project was based on the city and the devastation the volcano caused when it erupted. So it was pretty much a personal trip and experience. I've never been so caught up in a project as much as this one before, I loved everything about it and wanted to spend every day working on it. I was studying an artist called Chiharu Shiota who used string in every collection and was inspired by what she did. I then wanted to combine that with the story of Pompeii. That's when I came up with the idea to create a box frame filled with string and people suspended from the middle. Quite morbid I know haha.

So just to explain the picture above, I used 4 barbie dolls to represent the people of Pompeii. 2 of them I covered in newspaper to represent that they were stuck in time and one of them I painted grey to represent the people who were turned to stone during the eruption. And as for the blue person; I studied Picasso's work and when he went through the 'blue era'. He lost his best friend and went through a stage of painting all of his work blue to represent his upset and mourning. So to represent the same thing, I decided to paint one of the dolls blue. I've included a photo above for you to see my final piece in which I received an award for and this project was the reason we went to Pompeii.

We arrived in Pompeii around 6pm and just managed to catch the last tour before it closed at 8pm. It was quite a nice time to go as it wasn't overly busy and we were near enough on our own everywhere we went. Our tour guide started off by showing us the ruins of where the more wealthier families lived. Most of them had mosaic floors and a number of bedrooms along with their private gardens or baths. We then went to have a look around the public baths - they were a lot bigger than I expected! 

After we walked to the Pompeii colosseum where Frank Sinatra performed on his last Italian tour. Then the bit that got me was the red light district of Pompeii. Oh these Italian's weren't conservative about their sexuality at all! They had a number of symbols outside the brothels so everyone would know where to go if they needed a bit haha. 

Inside one of the brothers were 5 separate rooms with just a tiny stone bed in each one as the Italian's who lived in Pompeii were apparently a whole lot shorter than we are today. By the time we saw that, it was pretty much closing time and we were still yet to travel back to Sorrento and have dinner. 

When we got back to Sorrento train station, we walked into the main town where we found a pizzaria restaurant and had dinner. My first fresh Italian pizza of the holiday! After dinner we all walked back to our hotel and got an early-ish night ready for the next day - The drive along the Amalfi Coast (Uploading the blog post tomorrow, keep an eye out!)

Love Robyn xxx

brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with