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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Travel Diary of Naples: The Speed Boat to Capri

Nothing could have concluded this trip better than jetting off in our own private speed boat to Capri. We were actually supposed to do this the day before but we were a bit unprepared for the whole thing so we decided to book it up for our final day.

In the morning, we had breakfast in our hotel then made our way down to Sorrento harbour where we were picking our boat up from. When the boat came around the corner, it was a lot nicer and bigger than we expected! 

We all jumped on and made our way out of the harbour. The vibes were unreal! I literally wish I could do it all over again!!! When we got out to sea, our captain picked up the speed and we headed off to Capri for the day. We all had our bikini's on and laid on the loungers at the back of the boat as we left mainland Italy. 

When we arrived at Capri, our captain let down the anchor and asked us if we wanted to go for a swim in the sea. We were by the side of the cliffs where the sea was literally turquoise! It was like the perfect picture! My aunts jumped straight in off the back of the boat. Me on the other hand, well I was a bit scared haha. There's not many experiences I would turn down but anything to do with the sea is kind of a no go.

I stood on the back of the boat in my bikini counting down from 20 and just as I was about to jump in I completely melted on the spot haha. I've never been one to enjoy the sea. Something about being in open water and not knowing what could be swimming around me is a huge fear of mine. 

It probably didn't help that I sat watching ocean documentaries on the TV the weekend before. Having watched sharks and whales eating other fish kind of put me off haha. 

Anyway, once the girls jumped out, we then headed round to the Blue Grotto. If you go to Capri, please, please, please make sure you go and see this! I was speechless. As we ventured round one of the cliffs, there were masses of boats all waiting around just off the coast. We jumped in line where men were in little rowing boats going from boat to boat picking people up. 

So all 4 of us jumped in this little boat where he then took us into this tiny dark cave. When I saw tiny, we were literally all crouching down in the boat just to get in! Not going to lie, it was a bit scary as you couldn't see a thing from the outside! 

As he rowed us into the cave, all we heard was the echo of Italian men singing traditional Italian songs as we getting deeper into the cave. Once we got to the back of the cave, he told us to all look behind and it was unbelievable. The whole sea cave was lit up blue from the reflection of the sunlight and underwater cavity. It's definitely something to tick off the bucket list!

We then made our way out of the sea cave and back towards our boat. I tell you what, trying to get on and off a rowing boat in the middle of the sea is not an easy thing! Especially when boats are coming and going around us creating big waves. 

We then arrived in Capri where we jumped on a cable car from the harbour up to the main town. For my birthday I wanted to get myself a new handbag that was practical and suitable for every occasion. I had been looking before my birthday but nothing seemed to jump out at me. 

With all of my birthday money, I walked into Balenciaga and fell in love with a bag. She then started showing me a few bags she didn't have on show that were out the back and that's when I found the one I wanted. It was the best way to end the trip and my 21st birthday. 

We then jumped back on our boat and headed back towards Sorrento. Just as we were about to leave Capri, our captain stopped off where we all sat around and drank a bottle of prosecco and reminiscing on the adventures we'd had over the weekend. 

It was our last night in Sorrento so we all dressed up and went to the town for dinner. The next morning we were up and out early to catch our plane back to London. The weekend couldn't have been anymore perfect! I'd like to thank everyone for making my whole birthday celebrations and this trip to Italy so special!

Love Robyn xxx

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