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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Travel Diary of Naples: Climbing Mt. Vesuvius Volcano

As you may know, over the weekend I went to Naples, Italy with my Mum and Aunt's. It was such a surprise as my Mum put on a quiz and told me the week before last when my friends and family were round celebrating my 21st birthday. My Mum gave me a card saying that the following week, we'd be jetting off to Naples for the weekend, visiting the lost city of Pompeii, getting a speed boat over to Capri for the day, walking up Mt Vesuvius Volcano and driving along the Amalfi coat. Well, that's just what we did!

Last Friday morning, me and my Mum woke up at 2am and left by 3am to pick up my Aunts (I was the designated driver). Typically there was a diversion on the motorway so in order for us to get to Stansted Airport, I had to drive completely out of my way which put another hour on the journey. 

When we got to the airport, we couldn't find the car park I booked so I spent ages driving around trying to find out where I was going. Then, just to throw another spanner in the works, I ran out of petrol! Can you actually believe it? 

Anyway, by the time I filled up with petrol and found our car park, it was 5am. Our plane was taking off at 6am. Can you imagine our stress levels right now? Knowing that we still had to wait for our transfer to the terminal and pass through security? Stuff like this I just have to laugh off, if I don't, I would cry haha.

When we landed in Naples, we jumped on a bus to Sorrento which took us on the most scenic route along the coast. We arrived at our hotel, threw our bags in and jumped straight on the train to Pompeii where we stopped to have some lunch before going onto to climb Mount Vesuvius. 

We climbed an active volcano on Friday 13th, some people will think we're crazy! Not going to lie, it was pretty steep and hard going but we made it to the top and saw the crater. 

Some people may not be so impressed by stuff like that, but if it's anything to do with volcanos and natural disasters, I'm there! I find it all so interesting! If I didn't go to Fashion college (The Fashion Retail Academy) my heart was set on going to Sixth Form and studying either geology or geography.

After climbing Mt. Vesuvius Volcano, we then went onto Pompeii and walked around the city ...  (Uploading the blog post tomorrow, keep an eye out!)

Love Robyn xxx

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