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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Paris Fashion Week

Well, what a day/experience I’ve had! Never did I think that I’d be sat here on the Eurostar, on my own, travelling back from Paris to London. And not only Paris, but PARIS FASHION WEEK! Like whaaaa? I can’t believe that’s actually happened! I’ve actually experienced my first ever Paris Fashion Week. I’m feeling immensely grateful right now. 

I went to Paris for the day with Oxford Fashion Studio to watch 3 shows during PFW. Just to give you an overall summary of OFS and what they do; They run fashion shows all over the world bringing together new designers and exposing them to the industry. It gives the new designers a chance to be seen amongst publicists, press, buyers, influencers and many more. 

It was confirmed on Wednesday evening that I would be getting the train to Paris the following morning. I got up quite early to pack my suitcase with my daily essentials. I travelled in a tracksuit and sliders as I’m a lady of comfort and wanted to make sure I was wearing correct footwear that I could last all day in! In my suitcase I took my fashion week outfit, my laptop, iPad, makeup wipes for the way home, and lots of other random bits. I would much rather wheel my suitcase around all day than take a heavy bag with me. I struggle from quite bad back aches so my case did me good.

I got to the first show at 3pm which was Kristina Fidelskaya. The following one with OFS was at 5pm and the last show was at 7pm. The last 2 shows where made up of 5/6 different designers launching their latest or first ever collections. Each designer created between 4-7 looks and they all did an amazing job! With Fashion, something may not necessarily be my style but from another point of view, I appreciate every look and the creativeness behind the collections. A fashion designers imagination is endless and I applaud every single collection I watched today.

So as I said, I’m writing this blog post whilst on the train from Paris to London and I couldn’t be more excited to share this experience with you guys. I vlogged my whole trip which will be going live on my YouTube channel soon so I’ll make sure I keep you all updated with that.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Oxford Fashion Studio for giving me the opportunity to experience Paris Fashion Week with you guys. I had so much fun and I couldn’t be anymore grateful.

Love Robyn xxx

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