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Monday, 23 October 2017

Monday's Blog Post: The Biggest Wardrobe Clear-out!

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a productive day! Over the weekend I had the biggest wardrobe clear-out! I was a huge job that I'd been putting on for months but I finally got round to doing it on Saturday. In total I have 5 wardrobes so as you can imagine, it took me all day and I'm still not quite finished. I have a few boxes left to sort through but the majority of it's all done!

 I went from top to bottom in every wardrobe, even clearing out old makeup bags and throwing out things that I've had for years. Once I'd finished, I felt quite refreshed knowing where everything is and having organised my life again. I now have 4 big boxes full of old clothes & makeup etc that I need to do something with. Maybe you'll find it on my Depop soon?

I also took Flo for a walk over the park. I love taking her places where she can run free and totally wear herself out. After just one walk, she was so chilled out for the rest of the day which allowed me to get on with the stuff I needed to do.  

On Saturday night it was my little cousins 3rd birthday party so we had a big family get together and dinner round hers. Bless her she's so cute! She's obsessed with Mr Tumble at the moment and all she kept saying was that she's got a Mr Tumble cake and it's a Mr Tumble party. They're so cute at that age!!!

After that, I drove up to Sam's for the night. On Sunday it was his Nan's birthday so they had all the family round to celebrate. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling to great - I think it's that time of year where everyone's coming down with colds and the flu. But nether the less, I'm sure I'll shake it off sooner or later. 

Love Robyn xxx

brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with