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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Seeing London From a Different Perspective


The week before last week I went on the London eye with Zarko perfume to celebrate their latest launch of the Cloud Collection. I've been on the London eye a few times before but I still manage to be intrigued by the view of London and how beautiful the city is every time. 

Zarko perfume have been around for a few years now and have recently launched their range in Space NK & John Lewis. They offer quite a wide range of fragrances all designed, created and packaged in house under one roof. Quite impressive right? I feel like they could potentially offer a perfume that would suit anyone and everyone. Normally I think you find a fragrance that's maybe a bit niche and wouldn't appeal to everyone's tastes. Whereas with Zarko, I believe there's one out there to suit everyone. 

I was blown away by listening to a speech from Zarko himself explaining the details, time and efforts that go into making every fragrance perfect. I love hearing the makeup of the brand and how it's got to where it is. I think that puts so much more appreciation on the collection and individual products. 

We started by sampling the fragrances and seeing which one was our favourite. Mine just so happened to be their number one seller across a handful of countries in Europe, PINK MOLéCULE.

We then found out about Zarko's latest fragrance, The Cloud Collection. He explained how he wanted to create something new that hadn't necessarily been done yet. Something that took him 5 years to come up with and master. The Cloud Collection has such a distinctive appearance that you easily be able to point it out amongst the originals. 

When using the Cloud Collection fragrance, be sure to shake well before hand as this forces the chemicals to mix and create the scent. It's currently in production and will arrive in stores and online soon. 

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

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brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with