Monday's Blog Post | Sam's 22nd Birthday

Yesterday it was Sam's 22nd birthday - I feel like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating his 21st and I was stressing about buying him 21 presents. I ended up buying him 22 as I actually forgot about one and threw it in as an extra.

We woke up and he opened his presents and cards before going onto football training. I spent the morning working on my laptop as per usual and planning all of my blog posts and YouTube videos that are yet to come. Sam wasn't too long so when he got back we went to the shop and bought some foot masks. I didn't know that foot masks even existed until one of the girls brought them to Marbella with her. Wow, they're a game changer and they've literally changed my pampering sessions. 

Sam had never had one before but he absolutely loved it and I also gave one to his Brother. I think I've got them addicted. You can pick them up in B&M bargains for just 99p and they're worth every penny!

After our foot masks, all of his family came round for an evening BBQ where we sat around talking and eating cake. Well surprisingly, I didn't actually have any cake. I think I thought that I'd have some a bit later on and then never got round to it. I'm actually gutted as Sam's Brother's Girlfriend you get that lol? Made the cake and it looked amazing.

Happy 22nd Birthday Sam, I love you loads xxx

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

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  1. What a gorgeous couple! I take birthdays very seriously so I understand how you gave 22 gifts. I myself once made 18 cards for my friend's birthday lol.


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