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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Makeup That's Made for the Gym?!

So is that right, makeup that's made for the gym? As in, foundation you can wear when you're sweating? And filling in your eyebrows before your exercise class? Applying your face primer to hold your makeup in place? They were the kind of questions I was asking when I discovered Sport FX.

So to give you an overview on Sport FX if you haven't heard of them before, they've come up with the innovative collection of makeup that you can wear to the gym. Each product has been made with a mix of special vitamins to leave your skin feeling revitalised and rehydrated when you're working out. Isn't this just a dream come true for all of you gym go-ers out there? 

I know a few girls who struggle to go to the gym without wearing makeup as they feel insecure about their skin. But it's a catch 22 as working out and sweating with your makeup on can also increase your chance of having a breakout. I've worn makeup a few times to the gym when I've had a few spots, although I spent the majority of the time thinking that they're just going to get worse. 

Now that you can buy coverup sticks for the gym, I don't need to worry about whether my spots are going to get worse or not. I just have my confidence in Sport FX as their products have been designed, created and tested for this reason. 

Let me know what you think about their products and which ones are your favourite over on my Twitter @BatesRobyn4 

Love Robyn xxx

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