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Monday, 25 September 2017

Monday's Blog Post | Sam's 22nd Birthday

Yesterday it was Sam's 22nd birthday - I feel like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating his 21st and I was stressing about buying him 21 presents. I ended up buying him 22 as I actually forgot about one and threw it in as an extra.

We woke up and he opened his presents and cards before going onto football training. I spent the morning working on my laptop as per usual and planning all of my blog posts and YouTube videos that are yet to come. Sam wasn't too long so when he got back we went to the shop and bought some foot masks. I didn't know that foot masks even existed until one of the girls brought them to Marbella with her. Wow, they're a game changer and they've literally changed my pampering sessions. 

Sam had never had one before but he absolutely loved it and I also gave one to his Brother. I think I've got them addicted. You can pick them up in B&M bargains for just 99p and they're worth every penny!

After our foot masks, all of his family came round for an evening BBQ where we sat around talking and eating cake. Well surprisingly, I didn't actually have any cake. I think I thought that I'd have some a bit later on and then never got round to it. I'm actually gutted as Sam's Brother's Girlfriend you get that lol? Made the cake and it looked amazing.

Happy 22nd Birthday Sam, I love you loads xxx

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

Saturday, 23 September 2017

An Afternoon with Pretty Little Thing

Last week I had the pleasure of spending my afternoon chilling out with the girls at Pretty Little Thing's head office in London. They invited me in for a shopping afternoon in celebration of London Fashion Week that's just taken place. 

Me and Emma certainly went to town with the outfits that we were picking out, we literally couldn't stop ourselves! We filled our bags up to the max. They also had a few different stalls around the showroom each doing something different. 

There was an eyebrow stall which to be honest, I should have taken full advantage of but I didn't. There was also a nail bar which caught my eye as I walked in. If you've checked out my Youtube channel recently then you'll probably know that my nails were in a very bad way after my holiday so it was time to get them sorted out. 

I've also uploaded a Youtube video all about our day spent at PLT so make sure you check it out here to see what I got and what happened whilst we were there. 

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

Take a look at my Pretty Little Thing YouTube video here.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Seeing London From a Different Perspective


The week before last week I went on the London eye with Zarko perfume to celebrate their latest launch of the Cloud Collection. I've been on the London eye a few times before but I still manage to be intrigued by the view of London and how beautiful the city is every time. 

Zarko perfume have been around for a few years now and have recently launched their range in Space NK & John Lewis. They offer quite a wide range of fragrances all designed, created and packaged in house under one roof. Quite impressive right? I feel like they could potentially offer a perfume that would suit anyone and everyone. Normally I think you find a fragrance that's maybe a bit niche and wouldn't appeal to everyone's tastes. Whereas with Zarko, I believe there's one out there to suit everyone. 

I was blown away by listening to a speech from Zarko himself explaining the details, time and efforts that go into making every fragrance perfect. I love hearing the makeup of the brand and how it's got to where it is. I think that puts so much more appreciation on the collection and individual products. 

We started by sampling the fragrances and seeing which one was our favourite. Mine just so happened to be their number one seller across a handful of countries in Europe, PINK MOLéCULE.

We then found out about Zarko's latest fragrance, The Cloud Collection. He explained how he wanted to create something new that hadn't necessarily been done yet. Something that took him 5 years to come up with and master. The Cloud Collection has such a distinctive appearance that you easily be able to point it out amongst the originals. 

When using the Cloud Collection fragrance, be sure to shake well before hand as this forces the chemicals to mix and create the scent. It's currently in production and will arrive in stores and online soon. 

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Monday's Blog Post | London Fashion Week

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend! I was a bit here, there, everywhere over the weekend what with London Fashion Week in full swing. I was running around all over the place trying to fit everything in whilst sweating in an enormous coat for the majority of the day! (I thought it was going to be a lot colder than it actually was)

I started off by having my hair done at The Headmasters salon in Brentwood. Once again Laura came through with the curly blow-dry (clapping emoji). I was also in desperate need of having my highlights done so I spent my morning having a total hair makeover.

I then went onto London where I met up with the babes from The Blogger Programme and chilled at the Blogger Hangout event in Leicester Square. I had a walk around all of the different brands who were there and managed to pick myself up some ray bans from The Sunglass Shop. Stay up to date on my social to see which ones I got! 

After the event, I then went onto watch a show with Oxford Fashion Studio. I love Fashion week and everything about it, the vibes, the fashion, the atmosphere. I appreciate fashion so much, even if it's not my particular style, I still love all of the effort and details that have gone into making an outfit. 

From the show, I then went onto my friend's 21st birthday party so as you can imagine, I spent the majority of my Sunday lazing around and nursing a hangover. I don't stay out on a weekend until early hours of the morning anymore so I struggled the next day. Honestly I feel like it's taken me 2 days to get over Saturday night. I don't know how I ever use to do it haha. 

What did you get up to this weekend? Leave your comments below and let me know, 

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

Thursday, 14 September 2017

My No.1 Eyebrow Product

Eye of Horus is a makeup cosmetics company inspired by the ancient Egyptian Goddesses and powerful women. Their idea was to draw in their beauty & power and make it the core of our lifestyles and the beauty products we use. 

I recently received one of their eyebrow products which I wanted to share with you as it really works for me and makes filling in my eyebrows a whole lot easier. It's the Brow Fibre Extend brush. The brush aims to define, fill gaps and thicken your eyebrows. It also comes in 3 different shade so you can find the right one for you.

When I usually fill in my brows, I'm always going in with the pencil, then in with the brush, then the pencil again etc. This Brow Fibre Extend brush makes my eyebrow routine a whole lot quicker and easier! I feel like I gained such good and even results from using the brush. Sometimes with using a pencil, you may find you're putting pressure on at certain times causing your eyebrows to look a bit uneven. Using the brush means that I had the same consistency across both brows and I only had to use the smallest amount to gain the look I wanted.

Do you own any Eye of Horus products? Leave your comments below and let me know!

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

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Monday, 11 September 2017

Monday's Blog Post | Flo's 2nd Birthday

Over the weekend we had a party for Flo's 2nd Birthday! To be honest, it was her birthday a few weeks back but we could never find a date where we were altogether to celebrate it. It's become a family tradition where we invite Sam's family over for a game of golf and a little dinner party. 

We all met up at Topgolf, Chigwell. A personal favourite of mine and played quite a competitive game of golf should I say, and that was just between me and Sam! We're a nightmare together and always try and better one another when it comes to playing games.

We then all came back to mine where we ordered food and celebrated Flo's 2nd birthday. We bought her a little cake which as you can imagine, she scoffed her slice all at once! I put 2 little pink candles in and Sam brought it into her.

Can you believe that she actually blew her candles out?! I know it sounds stupid but you really have to trust me! Please head over to Flo's instagram (yes she has instagram) and watch the video!! She sniffs so much that she actually manages to blow them out. 

I hope all of you had a lovely weekend,

Lots of love

Robyn xxx

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Makeup That's Made for the Gym?!

So is that right, makeup that's made for the gym? As in, foundation you can wear when you're sweating? And filling in your eyebrows before your exercise class? Applying your face primer to hold your makeup in place? They were the kind of questions I was asking when I discovered Sport FX.

So to give you an overview on Sport FX if you haven't heard of them before, they've come up with the innovative collection of makeup that you can wear to the gym. Each product has been made with a mix of special vitamins to leave your skin feeling revitalised and rehydrated when you're working out. Isn't this just a dream come true for all of you gym go-ers out there? 

I know a few girls who struggle to go to the gym without wearing makeup as they feel insecure about their skin. But it's a catch 22 as working out and sweating with your makeup on can also increase your chance of having a breakout. I've worn makeup a few times to the gym when I've had a few spots, although I spent the majority of the time thinking that they're just going to get worse. 

Now that you can buy coverup sticks for the gym, I don't need to worry about whether my spots are going to get worse or not. I just have my confidence in Sport FX as their products have been designed, created and tested for this reason. 

Let me know what you think about their products and which ones are your favourite over on my Twitter @BatesRobyn4 

Love Robyn xxx

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Essential Essex Blow-dry

Last Saturday I was invited to Headmasters hair salon in Brentwood for a blow-dry and there was something a bit different about my experience so I wanted to share it with you. 

After running about 5/10 minutes late, typical traffic queues, I finally arrived at their salon located on the main Brentwood high street heading towards Shenfield. Their manager Laura was there to greet me and share some info on hair tips. Personally I love hearing the odd tip and trick because I then go onto share them with my friends and family acting as if I was the one to discover it ;) Haha I'm joking, I always give credit where needed. 

Laura took me over to their spa like hair basin to wash my hair. This is the bit that gets me and is one of the reasons why I will be going back for sure ... She turned the massage chair on whilst she was washing and massaging my head! For those who know me well, you'll know that I'm always pestering people to either massage my back or play with my hair. I actually had both at the same time!! I was literally mind blown, I never wanted to leave!

Just going off on a bit of a tangent, when I was in senior school, I use to ask people to play with my hair or massage my back for the entire lesson. In exchange, I happily took their school book and copied down notes from the class twice. Once in their book and once in my own. I thought we had a pretty good deal!

Anyway, back to the salon. Laura blow-dried and pin curled my hair which lasted me 3 whole days. I would have love to of kept it going for longer but unfortunately my hair fails to stay clean for anything more than 3+ days. 

A huge thank you to Headmasters for inviting me into their salon, I can't wait to go back and experience that signature Headmasters head massage whilst in the massage chair again. It was literally a dream!

Love Robyn xxx

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The majority of salons I've been to use Kerastase hair products when blowdrying, colouring and washing my hair. Now more than ever, I've realised that looking after your hair is so important and I'm always trying to use the best products. Having silky smooth hair is the bomb!


Monday, 4 September 2017

Monday's Blog Post | Home from Holiday

Last week I got back from my holidays in Spain and now it's time to get back to the grind and pick up from where I left off. It's lovely going away on holiday, relaxing and having that down time. However now that I'm home, I'm about to hit the ground running and catch up on everything.

Whilst I was away, I wanted to take a bit of time out from everything and relax with my family. Our holiday was really chilled as we spent a few hours each day around our swimming pool catching rays whilst my Brother was playing with his new friends on the slides. We always made sure that we spent a few hours out of the sun and exploring the south of Spain which was much to my Brothers disgust.

I feel like I've spent the majority of my summer in Spain so you can probably tell that it's my favourite holiday destination. Don't get me wrong, I love everywhere else I've been in the world, but there's something about Spain that makes it feel like home.

Ever since I was young, me and my family would go away to Spain for our summer holiday and we always had the best times. We know what kind of attractions are there and what's going on so it's nice going back to visit them every once in a while.

Anyway, whilst we were away, we got up to quite a lot. We went to Gibraltar for the day, the waterpark, the crocodile park, on a boat ride and we also went to near by towns to discover the culture and the Spanish tradition. We hired a car for a few days so it was quite easy to get around and find new places to visit. Oh and I also took my family for a stroll around Puerto Banus, Marbella. How could I go all the way to Malaga and not pop in at my favourite place? Although I don't think my Dad & Brother got the memo as they strolled along the harbour with a giant inflatable crocodile lilo. Hmmm ...

Now that I'm home, I'm going to be posting a lot more on my blog so make sure you look out for what's coming.

Love Robyn xxx

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brands I’ve loved working with