Lovebox with Carmex & Skinny Dip

So have you heard that Carmex & Skinny Dip are collaborating? I know what you're thinking, and when the bombshell dropped I was pretty excited too. 

I have been using Carmex lipbalms ever since I can remember. It's the type of handbag essential that my Mum always kept hold of when I was younger. When I use Carmex lipbalms I always get a tingling sensation which makes me know that it's really working and going to make a difference to my lips. 

As for Skinny Dip ... Well the real question is, who doesn't have a one of their phone cases? Every girl I meet has one of their accessories in some way, shape or form and I'm literally obsessing over their new Carmex Collection. 

Over the weekend I was invited to go along to Lovebox to celebrate the launch of the Carmex X Skinny Dip collaboration. For those of you who may not have heard about Lovebox before, it's a festival based in East London.

We met up with the Carmex team, were given our wristbands and then headed into the festival. Oh and there's a personal joke with these wristbands which I wanted to share with you. We were given VIP Premium passes which apart from the artists friends and family, it's pretty much the best wristband you can get. It entitled us to have free drinks, one snack and one main meal throughout the day. When me and my friend Emma found this out, we pretty much wanted to brag about the whole thing and tell everyone we had these wristbands haha. Hence the caption on one of my IG photo 'VIP Premium don't ya know' ;) 

We sat down in the bar and opened up our goodie bags together. From Carmex we had a lipbalm pot with a printed cherry lid which was very cute and from Skinny Dip we had a phone case. What else could we wish for? The phone case was covered in glittered lollipops and cherries. Click the links if you would love a lipbalm and phone case like mine. 

I just want to say a huge thank you to Carmex & Skinny Dip for an amazing day out! I had so much fun and it made me realise how much I've missed going to festivals!

Lots of Love

Robyn xxx

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An Invitation to Pretty Little Thing's Showroom

Last week I met up with my BF Emma for a little bit of retail therapy in London. We had a few bits to do whilst we were there and we broke it up with a few little strolls around Oxford Street. Not forgetting Bond Street where the insane flower display is just chillin' outside Fenwicks. 

I was slightly late getting into London due to the central line having a series of signal failures and I hate being late for things! I actually tend to leave my house half an hour early when getting the train anywhere just because you can never rely on these kind of things. Plus, I'd much rather spend half an hour walking around or going through my phone than panicking about being late. On this occasion, I was panicking! 

Anyways, we finally made it to Selfridges and had our henna tattoos done. I'm going through a phase at the moment where I'm obsessed with these and my hand lit feels naked without one. So we went to Pavan Henna and got inked lol. Emma also had one done on her leg which looked unreal btw. 

We then went onto see the girls at Pretty Little Thing and to pick out an outfit or two for Lovebox this weekend. Btw who's going?!?! I feel like Lovebox has been the festival this summer which everyone's talking about. Like, everyone's going?! I went Lovebox for the first time about 2/3 years ago and it was amazing! I loved every second of it and am so excited to be going on the Friday & Saturday.


So anyway, we picked out our outfits and I can't wait to share them with you! Make sure you keep up to date over on my IG Story and profile for outfit deets! 

Oh and don't forget to use my 20% off discount code for Pretty Little Thing: EO4UTCQ1 

Lots of love

Robyn xxx

A Day At The Races

So I'm off to Sundown Park Races this Friday with Closet London & I've got to say, I can't wait for a girls day out! The event is being hosted by The Jockey Club and I can't wait to share my experience of it with you across my Instagram on the day.

I've only ever been to two horse racing events. One when I was a lot younger and The Royal Ascot last year. So the first one I went to, well to be honest, I can't say I remember where it was. All I remember was hanging around the paddock watching all of the horses walking and preparing for the races ahead of them.

I started horse riding when I was about 5 so horses was pretty much my life until I hit senior school and became more interested in wanting the 'teenage social life'. I do regret that decision and would love to get back to horse riding if I could but it's probably one of the most expensive hobbies I could of been interested in haha. 

Last year I went to The Royal Ascot with work and had such a laugh! I think I must have bet about £3, lost it all and that was my gambling addiction over lol. I definitely prefer the social sides of the races more so that the actual betting ...

Make sure you look out for us on Friday and keep up to date on my Instagram throughout the day. 

Love Robyn xxx
© Robyn Bates

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