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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Being Inside a Volcano

Today was pretty extraordinary for me and Sam as we went exploring inside a volcano. Just your average Sunday right?

Me & Sam are currently away on holiday in Lanzarote (home to many volcanos). The deal was, if I went with Sam to watch him play golf, he would come and do something that I wanted to do. We thought that was pretty fair. So I wanted to explore and venture around a volcano. 

For my GCSE's at school I took Geography as I'm so intrigued by the world we live in and how certain land features have been formed. As you can probably guess, my favourite topic in Geography was landforms and natural disasters. I'm so fascinated by things like that so going to visit a volcano was unquestionable from my point of view. 

Going to Parque Nacional De Timanfaya was in the diary for our holiday however we didn't realise we would have been doing it today and so spontaneously. Our day started by going to a market in Teguise. On the way home we thought we'd only 'pass by' the volcanos and mountains to see what the views were like. Little did we know we would be parking up to go on a coach around the highest peaks and literally scaring ourselves to death!

We drove up to a main gate where we purchased two tickets for the tour. Sam then carried on driving up the side of the mountain to reach the meeting point and restaurant (at the time I thought this was the scariest part). We then boarded the coach and set off down one of the mountains. So far so good. The coach continued to drive up and down around winding roads occasionally stopping for us to take some photos. As Sam had the window seat, he kept pointing out to me how close we were to the side of the cliff ... I don't know how far down it was but it was a huge drop!! In the end I think he was scaring himself so he stopped showing me haha. 

We were getting higher and higher to the point where I was questioning how on earth is this man driving a coach of 20+ people up such a steep hill?! By this point, me and Sam were pretty scared. The coach driver then pulled over and stopped for us to have a look inside one of the craters. We were honestly speechless and amazed at how this has formed on earth. Inside the crater was red & orange stones and rocks. It's unbelievable to think we were inside something that was once a red hot danger zone!

Driving back to the restaurant, we passed fields and mountains covered in ash from the eruption. We often passed some caves and craters where you could see such fine detail of where the lava had be dripping.

When we got back to the restaurant, I literally wanted to thank this driver for getting us back safely. What an amazing yet extremely scary job he has! As well as taking photos, I also videoed the experience which will be part of my travel holiday vlog. All going to plan, I should have this live on my YouTube channel within the next two weeks. 

If you want to know a bit more about how Volcanos erupt then continue reading: 

Before I studied Geography for GCSE, I just thought that a volcano eruption was caused by some sort of lava explosion when in fact, it's all to do with what lies beneath the earth.

To keep it short and sweet, I've attached a photo for me to explain. Volcanos erupt when the plate beneath the ocean moves and disturbs the volcano. Parts of the oceans crust burns below to form magma. When the oceans plate moves, it causes magma to rise inside the volcano and explode. This is when the magma turns into lava.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience today. Don't forget to stay tuned to my YouTube channel to watch my travel vlog which will include footage from our adventure.

Lots of love

Robyn xxx

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brands I’ve loved working with