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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Fashion Photography & Distressed Sweats


One of the most amazing things about blogging, is getting the chance to meet new people who you never would of stumbled across otherwise. Blogging has brought so many new amazing people into my life which just reminds me why I started the whole adventure. 

A few weeks back, I met up with a lovely student in London to shoot this outfit for my blog post. Her aim was to build up her portfolio so that one day she could be a full-time fashion photographer. We spent the morning shooting this look and in Starbucks doing a Q&A. Thank you for spending the morning with me, you know who you are x

Btw, I love Q&A's! Is that strange to love them so much? They really make me realise what people want to know about me and therefore, give me ideas on what YouTube videos and Blog Posts I can create. I forever want to be that girl who is down to earth and approachable. I love it when people get in contact with me, and after all, I love making new friends! So if you ever want a chat, then drop me a message via my Twitter @BatesRobyn4

Love Robyn xxx

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