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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing your lifestyle, career and achievements to others is quite a common thing. To be honest, I feel like this mainly happens within a profession or workplace as it’s where you want to progress and be the best that you can. Truth of the matter is; you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone as you are your own person and nobody can fault you for that.

The Best Bits
Through social media, you’ll only tend to see the best bits and highlights of what’s going on in people’s lives. Very rarely you’ll see people arguing or going through a rough patch. Which in all fairness, I feel like you should see this side of people as that’s what makes them real and down to earth. We all go through bad stages in our lives whether it’s for petty reasons or something personal and it’s okay to open up about those things. We’re all human and it’s amazing to support our friends and family if they need you there. I know I’ve moaned and cried about the smallest of things before, but that’s what makes me a typical 20 year old girl.

No One's Better Than Anyone
People should never believe that they're better than anyone else as everyone has the right to be treated equally. No one is ‘above’ anyone, no matter in what you do and this goes for where you work, who you know, who your friends are or how many followers you have. We all started off in the same place. On the other hand, you shouldn’t feel like you’re worse off because of any of those reasons. Take some time to appreciate everything you’ve worked for in life and how rewarding it felt when you achieved it all.

Set Your Own Goals
We're all different from one another. When you come to think of it, as Bloggers, we have our unique style, structure, goals and plans. Everyone of us is different and we can’t live in the shadow of other people. Set your own goals which you want to personally achieve as this may work for you, but not for someone else. My Mum had me saying ever since I was in primary school ‘be an individual’ and it’s true. Because you’re so unique and there’s no one else like you out there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my blog post. Even whilst I was writing this, I felt like everything was put into perspective and I’m feeling really grateful for everything I have worked towards. Just remember to stay true to who you are and never beat yourself over things. Everything happens for a reason and what you put in is what you get out of life. Oh and one last thing, you’re doing great.

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brands I’ve loved working with