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Monday, 6 March 2017

How to be More Organised | Paperchase

I’d like to say that I’m very organised and maybe sometimes, a bit too much.  I don’t like the feeling of being out of control or not knowing what’s going on. I like to have everything planned and be able to put my finger on something if it ever comes up.

I plan most things I do, even down to my blog posts and gym workouts. I like structure and being in a routine. Without this, I feel like I’m lost and have no idea of what’s going on around me. To plan my life (essentially) I use my calander and reminders app on my iPad.  They are such good programmes and are an easy way of ticking things off & knowing what’s going on.

I like to do this quite often and I think I’m due a decluttering session soon! Deculttering helps you to know what you have in your home and where abouts it is if ever you need it. It’s good having regular clear outs so that you can dispose of anything you may not use anymore that’s taking up space. I love looking at decluttered surfaces and boxes in my bedroom!

You may have jobs to do on your lists and maybe you’re putting them off - I know I’m guilty of doing this! In fact, being more productive and getting the nasty jobs out of the way first is the best way to go. It also narrows down the jobs that you’re left with which you’ll appreciate even more.

Everything Has a Home
When I have my clear outs, I like making homes for things so that I know where they are. For instance; I have boxes which are full of beauty products and creams, boxes of belts and bags and boxes of any important paperwork or receipts I’ll need to refer to. Everything has its home and it’s great to keep it that way.

Note Making
I love making notes, especially in meetings I try and write as much down as I need to so that I don’t forget anything. Notes are good to keep hold of incase you want to pick up on something. With note making, I also put the date on everything I do so that I can be sure to locate it back to when I want.

If ever I fall off track of being organised, it completely messes me up. These 5 steps help me to be in the know and on top of everything which may be going on at the time.

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Love Robyn xxx


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