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I love looking at different hair styles and are intrigued by what people can do. I feel like I’m always wearing my hair the same; dead straight so I thought it’s time to mix it up a bit. I’ve come up with 3 different ways in which you can use hair straighteners …

Well obviously, it’s number one. I’m addicted to using my new Cloud Nine Wide Iron Straighteners to do my hair. I start by sectioning off a small piece of hair, and using a brush, going through it with my Wide Iron. This may be something I only find with my hair, or it may be a known fact; that using a hairbrush at the same time gives my hair a smoother finish.

Beach Waves
A very popular hair style! If I could, I would happily wear my hair like this everyday! My hair is naturally dead straight so for me to curl my hair, it takes quite a bit of preparation and treatment. But when my hair is like this, it’s literally a dream!

Crimped Waves
This is a new one to me! I didn’t even realise this was possible to do using straighteners. I wish I knew about it back in my younger years when all I ever wanted were crimpers to match Britney Spears! I start by braiding my hair in thin plaits and running over them with the Cloud Nine Wide Iron Straighteners. I finish off my whole hair and leave them to cool down before taking them out.

If you want to experiment with something new, then these are just 3 ways in which you could do so using the Cloud Nine Wide Iron Straighteners. And to fill you in on a secret ... There's £20 off all Cloud Nine Wide Iron Straighteners until the end of February! 

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron Straighteners is perfect for long, thick hair. Cloud Nine offer a variety of straighteners to suit your specific hair type. Check out which one is perfect for you HERE.

This post is in collaboration with Cloud Nine. AD

Love Robyn xxx

© Robyn Bates

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