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Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Different Working Environment (Italy)

I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated my normal routine as much as I am right now. For those of you who follow me on my social accounts, you may of seen me jet setting off to Florence and Milan over the past 2 weeks. At the time, we were rushing around and I didn’t have enough time to talk you through what I was doing out there. So hence the blog post now.

The reason I went to Italy was for business trips in which I went to around 6 months ago; some of you may remember (Working Away from Home Florence & Working Away from Home Milan) As well as blogging, I also have a fulltime job working for a company called ‘Base Childrenswear’. It was my first job and I’ve been here ever since gradually working my way up to becoming an Assistant Buyer.

Being part of a buying team means that we have to fly to Italy to scout for new brands we wish to pick up. So we started our trip off in Florence where we spent 2 days walking around a Childrenswear Designer exhibition. It’s totally the ‘go-to’ exhibition for designer kids clothing. We had a few meetings here and there but that was the calm before the storm.

We arrived back in the UK on the Friday evening and flew back out to Milan on the Sunday afternoon. 99% of the brands have agents in London who we meet up with and buy our collections from. However, the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Moncler & Gucci remain so exclusive meaning we had to go to their head offices based in Italy.

On the Monday morning, we had our meeting at Dolce & Gabbana, Tuesday with Moncler, leaving Wednesday & Thursday with Gucci. At the moment we’re buying for AW17 and I can’t say a peep about what we bought. You’ll have to check it out when it launches towards the end of the summer :)

One thing I wanted to point out was the new Gucci HQ … I don’t even know where to begin with this. I was completely blown away with their new offices and showrooms! As soon as we walked in, we walked through a long courtyard which was a combination of contemporary and modern architect. When we reached their SECOND MAIN office, it was full of green and red chairs with images of their SS17 Campaign. Now onto the showroom … Only Gucci would have their walls made of red velvet with red carpets and red doors. It was unbelievable! I wish I could take you all there so that we could all appreciate the authority that brand has which is portrayed throughout everything they do.

Late Thursday evening I arrived back home to yet another Pizza! Dominoes ;) Despite having a pizza in Italy every single day, I didn’t get bored of it haha.

Now I’m back to reality and back into my normal routine which I’ve never appreciated as much as this! Our meetings went on for 11+ hours and we even continued working after dinner back in our hotel rooms. So I’m glad to say that with all of that complete, we can carry on with the rest of our appointments until March - when I begin a new chapter … I’ll fill you in more a bit closer to the time :)

Love Robyn xxx


Monday, 16 January 2017

Pucker up with Carmex

This time of year is the worst for getting dry and sore lips. If you’ve watched myprevious YouTube video, then you’ll know that I suffer from extremely sore lips (I’m not painting a good picture, am I?) Well anyway, I know that this is quite common for this time of the season! I’m constantly carrying around my lip balms with me. Whether they’re in my car, bag or bedroom - I cannot go anywhere without them!
I’m a huge lover of Carmex and have been obsessed with them for years. It’s just something about them which makes me feel like their products do the job. Their products contain tingling menthol to soothe and relieve painful chapped lips and beeswax to hydrate them.
Not only this, some days I don’t feel like dressing up to the max and wearing lipstick or lip-gloss. That’s where these are perfect! A few weeks ago, I received a tinted lip balm which was to die for. If ever I just want to wear a little something, then this is the one.
I’m loving my new products from Carmex! You can take a full look at their classic collection HERE.
Product Details
Products can be bought from Boots, Superdrug & many more high street retailers starting at just £2.69

Love Robyn xxx


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Learning to Live a Happier Life | The White Company

I feel like since the start of January, I've been a lot more focused and motivated on what I'm currently working on. Be it the gym or with work tasks, I feel like I'm getting lots of things done without purposely putting the rotten jobs aside. I'm a huge believer of New Years resolutions as they simply give me the chance to start something fresh and begin as I mean to go on. 

One of my resolutions has been to get myself a personal trainer which thanks to Santa - I have already had my first session! Since Jan 1st I have religiously committed myself to going to the gym without moaning or trying to get out of it. I use to go to the gym quite a lot so within 2 weeks, I have already noticed a change in my body as well as gaining a more positive outlook. Working out releases so many of those happy endorphins which makes exercising so much more rewarding. Now when I go to the gym, I'm feeling a lot more positive and motivated to work even harder than I did the day before. Tip: I've started to log down every single thing I do at the gym. This may include the number of minutes I've been on the treadmill with the amount of calories I burnt. Or the amount of reps & sets I've done with a certain weight. I do this so that I have something to compare with after every session. It's a great way of tracking your goals & beating your personal best.

Cutting out Bad Foods
Before the New Year, I was eating twice as much bad foods than I ever have done. It honestly felt like I was stocking up for hibernation with the food and portions I was having! Recently I've dropped out bad or even unnecessary meals that I would of had otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I love a can of coke and was having one every day with my lunch. Now I'm just opting for a more healthy choice. If the struggle is real and one day I want a can of fizzy drink, I'm not going to beat myself up about it and yeah, I'll just have it. If I don't, I'll only end up raiding the fridge when I get home. In addition to this, I would of easily had a few takeaways a week which always left me feeling so stodgy. So boom, that's gone!

Making Lists
Vital! I'm always making lists and reminders of things to do so that I don't forget. If I fall out of this routine, I find myself completely loosing track of what I've done or what needs doing. Not only this, I find it very rewarding when you can finally tick off your jobs once they're complete! I'm addicted to using the Reminders App on my phone at the moment. You can use it to create different lists such as personal ones, work tasks, social reminders, literally anything! Oh and of course, it's colour coordinated ;)

I've never been a fan of reading up until a few years ago. Having to read to my teacher in school would of ruined my day! About 2 years back, my Nan was sharing with me the story line to this book she was reading. Well, that was it - I was hooked. I can finally say at the age of 20 that I've read a book! For Christmas my Mum & Dad bought me a Kindle which I love! I've downloaded 'The Secret' which I'm just getting into so I'll give you an update on how that goes. Now I find reading very relaxing and therapeutic. It gives me a chance to just unwind and get my teeth suck into a good story line. 

This is something I'm currently working on as I don't cope with it very well. I always find myself working or blogging or doing something unsociable to the point where I don't have quality time with my friends, family or Sam. I'm trying to improve on my time management and give myself a 'home time' where I can switch everything off and just relax. I'm always so caught up on the fact that if I don't do anything then things don't get done. It's in working progress and I'm sure sooner or later I'll overcome it!

These are the 5 key things which - if they go well, they help me to have a much more positive outlook on everything. Exercising is the biggest thing for me and once I'm in the routine of it I feel so much happier and confident in myself. Learning to live a happier life is so important. Especially after the rush and chaos of December, now is the perfect time to unwind and think about the things in life that make you happy :)

Outfit Details
To view The White Company's Nightwear Collection, CLICK HERE

Love Robyn xxx


Sunday, 8 January 2017

A Pink Pastel Makeup Look | Lottie London

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are preparing for a full & productive week.

Recently I was sent a HUGE box of Lottie London products to try out over on My YouTube Channel. From foundations to highlighters and lip glosses to eyeshadows, I'm pretty sure I've got the look covered using all of my new products.

I've created a pink pastel makeup look this weekend which is one of my everyday favourites. Head over to My YouTube Channel (linked below) to see what I came up with and how I did it;

Love Robyn xxx


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

On The Go | Daniel Wellington

Now it's the new year and we're already back to reality, running around doing errands. Some of our jobs may consist of back to back meetings in which we all need to be prepared for. That's where Daniel Wellington comes in ... Their sophisticated watches are so on trend and literally everywhere right now! Every watch photo I see at the moment features an elegant watch from DW. They offer such a wide variety of watches which suit all ages and both genders. You can choose from leather or fabric straps and finish with a watch face of your choice. 

I have a discount code for you to use & to get yourself 15% off at Daniel Wellington; just make sure you enter 'BATESROBYN15' at the checkout.

Love Robyn xxx


Monday, 2 January 2017

How to Save Money in January

Firstly, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and NY with your family and friends! Now that we're in January, some of us will have to suffer waiting until the end of the month for our next wage packet. I remember from past experiences that it's horrible and those last 1 or 2 weeks seem to go at a snails pace. So in addition to that, I have decided to create a post which will leave you with money that can last throughout the month of Jan!

Recently I've been quite bad with my money and sometimes find it hard to stop buying things that have no relevance to my life whatsoever. So for Christmas I got ... Yep you guessed it; a money saving book! I already know that this will literally be my life's essentials! I don't think until you write it down, you really see how much you can be spending from day to day. 

Since the start of January, I've already been getting myself into the habit of listing down every penny I spend throughout the day with descriptions and total costs. This way, I can work out how much I'm spending a week and then budget myself for the following one. 

Right now there's just so many things to be saving for, including holidays all over the summer. This book has got me off to a good start and I'm focused on saving my money now more than ever. After all, some of us may go 6 weeks without getting paid so it's a good idea to start now.

Product Details

I've tried to link this book to the post but Paperchase have actually sold out on their website. It may be worth having a look in one of your local stores as you may be able to grab hold of one there. It doesn't have to be a proper expense book that you need. You can always get yourself a little notepad or daily diary to start listing down what your outgoings are on a daily basis. 

Love Robyn xxx


brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with