MUA Stocking Fillers Under £5

As christmas is fast approaching, I thought I’d give you a bit of gifting inspiration and put together a list of stocking fillers under £5. As we all know, Christmas can be very expensive and after all, stocking fillers are only made up from token gifts. Here’s a list of MUA Makeup products that you can pick up for under £5 this festive season.

Prism Strobe Cream, Flash £4.00
The highlighting cream adds radiance to all complexions and is said to lift and brighten up the natural highlights of your face. 

Luxe Light Lustre Duo, Majesty £5.00
The MUA Luxe collection is one of my favourites and their products are my go-to for highlighters. The superior lightening duo powders can be used to create ultimate radiance to the skin. Having 2 shades within a palette makes them great value for money this Christmas.

Pro Eyeshadow Palette, Green Goddess £5.00
Going out for New Years? With this eyeshadow palette, you can create a variety of different evening looks with 15 shades to pick from. 

Prism Highlighter, Solar Flare £4.00
Lift your complexion this season with the MUA Prism Highlighter. Your highlight will look brighter than my future!

Luxe Velvet Matte Lipsticks £3.00
Recently, I tend to opt for matte lipsticks as I love the finish and they're so on trend at the moment. MUA Luxe have created 12 different shades to pick from with a guaranteed full coverage.

Prism Loose Powder Highlighter £5.00
Looking for a face and body highlighter? Then look no further as this MUA Prism Powder Highlighter creates shades of pink, purple and gold depending on where the light hits your skin.

Professional 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette, Dusky Curiosities £3.50
6 shade eyeshadow palettes for under £5? Sounds great to me! The palette consists of glittery browns, pinks, nudes and grey so it’s the perfect combination if you’re looking to experiment with new colours.

All items can be bought online or in stores at Superdrug.

Love Robyn xxx


A 3 Day Travel Diary of Krakow, Poland

I've always been a creature of habit when it comes to holidays and haven't often ventured out from the standard Spanish beach resorts. However as you know from my previous Naples blog posts (read here: 1-2-3-4), recently I've been exploring new places and wanted to share my latest experience with you. Last week The Blogger Programme took a group of bloggers away for a long weekend to Krakow located in the south of Poland. 

Day One

The weekend started as it meant to go on with my first alarm set on Friday for 2:30am. Of course me being me, I left a bit of my packing to the last minute and found myself having a shower, fake tanning and getting ready at silly o'clock. I then drove to Luton airport were I met TBP family and jumped on the plane to Poland. We flew with Wizz Air, a low cost airline which offers over 500 different routes within Europe. If you're looking to get away for a bit, I'd certainly recommend this airline as the whole process was simple, quick and easy from Luton to Katowice. 

When we arrived in Poland, our driver from Krakow Trans Tours was there to greet us and load all of our cases into the car. By this point, it was about 2pm and we were all hungry and ready to have a half hour chill out before moving onto our next adventure. When we arrived at our hotel in Krakow, we were amazed by its location and architecture within the main lobby. We were staying in the Sheraton Grand Hotel which overlooked Wawel castle and the river so as you can imagine, our bedroom views were beautiful. The Sheraton hotel is part of the Hilton chain and the staff there were extremely helpful. It’s situated just on the outskirts of the city making it less than a 15 minute walk into the main square.

Once we arrived at The Sheraton Grand Hotel, our suitcases were taken to our room and we spent some time relaxing in their exclusive lounge where they laid out a selection of snacks, biscuits, drinks etc that we could help ourselves to throughout our stay. We then set off to our rooms where we had lots of gifts laid on our bed provided by The Blogger Programme - as you can imagine we were so excited about these! The gifts included the likes of makeup pallets from Urban Decay, a purse from MyWalit, hair texturing spray from Maria Nila, Mascara from Xlash and many more little treats.

Whilst we were chilling in our room, a guy from the hotel knocked on our doors with two big bags for myself and Emma. When we opened them, we found a letter and a Sheraton Grand Hotel travel pillow with the words ‘Sweet Dreams Robyn’ embroidered into it. The letter read out something along the lines of ‘because our beds can’t be with you everywhere you go, we’ve given you this to remember us by and to keep you company throughout your travels’. Very cute and a nice touch!

We spent some time in our room freshening up before heading down to dinner. At the front of the lobby, there was a restaurant which was designed like a sports bar. The vibes were so relaxing and the food just kept coming! It got to around 11pm and we were all so tired after waking up at 2:30am and spending our day travelling. We headed off to our rooms, got changed into our Figleaves pjs and hit the deck ready for the next day ahead of us. 

Day Two

We started the next day early with a walk into town and a bite to eat before setting off to Auscwitz. We had a tour around the camps and it literally broke my heart hearing about what happened just under 100 years ago. It was extremely hard to believe what people had gone through and I can’t quite get my head around it.

We then headed back to Krakow where a few of us grabbed food and went for a stroll around the city at night. An hour went past and it was time to jump on our segways for a private tour around Krakow. We spent about half hour all taking it in turns to drive the segway to get use to the feel of how it works - It looks a lot harder than it actually is! Once we all had a test run, we set off into the town for a tour thanks to the guys at Tell Me Travels.

Once the tour was over, we went back to our rooms to change and get ready for our last dinner altogether. We had a table booked for us at an Italian restaurant called Boccanera. As you know, an Italian couldn’t have suited me anymore! However it’s weird, when I’ve been away recently, I’ve found myself totally loosing my appetite. Does anyone else ever get this or is it just me?

After dinner, we all went back to our room in an attempt of having an early night. By this point, the lack of sleep had really caught up on us and we had our alarms set early in the morning to pack and catch our flight. 

Day Three

I had my alarm set for 6am local time and literally threw on my tracksuit and trainers. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible and knew I had lots of work to catch up with on the minibus and on the plane.

I went to Poland thinking it was going to be a lot colder than it was in the UK. However I was totally proven wrong and the weather was actually quite nice for this time of year. It was sunny throughout the whole of our trip and the temperature was actually a few degrees hotter than the UK. So if you’re thinking about going to Poland, we went in the beginning of November so I would suggest that’s a good time to go.

Primark were the main sponsors of our trip to Krakow, Poland so before we came away, they each gave us £150 voucher to spend in one of our local stores in preparation for the trip. We all know Primark and we all know how much stuff we can get for £150 in there! I had a huge basket full of pjs, clothes, heels, accessories etc and when I took it over to the till, it only amounted to £80. So I went for round two and discovered lots more things I didn’t see the first time.

I had so much fun throughout the trip all thanks to my bae’s at The Blogger Programme! It was amazing having everyone together and getting to travel new cities with new friends and faces.

Love Robyn xxx


Monday's Blog Post: Pumpkin Picking

Last year whilst I was at work, my Mum and Brother went pumpkin picking in Upminster, Essex and I must admit, I was a bit jealous! I've never been to a pumpkin patch before but I feel like it's the new thing so I wanted to go and experience it for myself this year. Plus, I feel like it's nice to pick your own instead of getting one from the supermarket.

I don't normally do much for halloween, so this was my way of celebrating the time of year and I thought it was an exciting thing to do especially with my little cousins.

Sunday came round quick & we'd planned to go to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins before halloween tomorrow. It seemed like all of a sudden yesterday the temperatures dropped drastically so it was pretty cold over the field despite there being bright blue skies.

We grabbed one of the few wheelbarrows floating around and set off to pick the best pumpkins. When I say the best pumpkins, my aim was actually to find the most peculiar one, hence the small green one I picked up. I was pretty surprised at how many people were actually there considering you can buy the pumpkins from supermarkets for sometimes half the price.

I felt like pumpkin picking was more about the atmosphere and spending time with family apposed to going to collect a pumpkin. It was a nice afternoon strolling through the fields and watching my Brother and cousins attempting to lift the biggest pumpkins they could find. Halloween has come round so quick so if you don't manage to visit a local pumpkin patch by tomorrow, then you always have the supermarkets!

Love Robyn xxx


Monday's Blog Post: The Biggest Wardrobe Clear-out!

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a productive day! Over the weekend I had the biggest wardrobe clear-out! I was a huge job that I'd been putting on for months but I finally got round to doing it on Saturday. In total I have 5 wardrobes so as you can imagine, it took me all day and I'm still not quite finished. I have a few boxes left to sort through but the majority of it's all done!

 I went from top to bottom in every wardrobe, even clearing out old makeup bags and throwing out things that I've had for years. Once I'd finished, I felt quite refreshed knowing where everything is and having organised my life again. I now have 4 big boxes full of old clothes & makeup etc that I need to do something with. Maybe you'll find it on my Depop soon?

I also took Flo for a walk over the park. I love taking her places where she can run free and totally wear herself out. After just one walk, she was so chilled out for the rest of the day which allowed me to get on with the stuff I needed to do.  

On Saturday night it was my little cousins 3rd birthday party so we had a big family get together and dinner round hers. Bless her she's so cute! She's obsessed with Mr Tumble at the moment and all she kept saying was that she's got a Mr Tumble cake and it's a Mr Tumble party. They're so cute at that age!!!

After that, I drove up to Sam's for the night. On Sunday it was his Nan's birthday so they had all the family round to celebrate. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling to great - I think it's that time of year where everyone's coming down with colds and the flu. But nether the less, I'm sure I'll shake it off sooner or later. 

Love Robyn xxx

Travel Diary of Naples: The Speed Boat to Capri

Nothing could have concluded this trip better than jetting off in our own private speed boat to Capri. We were actually supposed to do this the day before but we were a bit unprepared for the whole thing so we decided to book it up for our final day.

In the morning, we had breakfast in our hotel then made our way down to Sorrento harbour where we were picking our boat up from. When the boat came around the corner, it was a lot nicer and bigger than we expected! 

We all jumped on and made our way out of the harbour. The vibes were unreal! I literally wish I could do it all over again!!! When we got out to sea, our captain picked up the speed and we headed off to Capri for the day. We all had our bikini's on and laid on the loungers at the back of the boat as we left mainland Italy. 

When we arrived at Capri, our captain let down the anchor and asked us if we wanted to go for a swim in the sea. We were by the side of the cliffs where the sea was literally turquoise! It was like the perfect picture! My aunts jumped straight in off the back of the boat. Me on the other hand, well I was a bit scared haha. There's not many experiences I would turn down but anything to do with the sea is kind of a no go.

I stood on the back of the boat in my bikini counting down from 20 and just as I was about to jump in I completely melted on the spot haha. I've never been one to enjoy the sea. Something about being in open water and not knowing what could be swimming around me is a huge fear of mine. 

It probably didn't help that I sat watching ocean documentaries on the TV the weekend before. Having watched sharks and whales eating other fish kind of put me off haha. 

Anyway, once the girls jumped out, we then headed round to the Blue Grotto. If you go to Capri, please, please, please make sure you go and see this! I was speechless. As we ventured round one of the cliffs, there were masses of boats all waiting around just off the coast. We jumped in line where men were in little rowing boats going from boat to boat picking people up. 

So all 4 of us jumped in this little boat where he then took us into this tiny dark cave. When I saw tiny, we were literally all crouching down in the boat just to get in! Not going to lie, it was a bit scary as you couldn't see a thing from the outside! 

As he rowed us into the cave, all we heard was the echo of Italian men singing traditional Italian songs as we getting deeper into the cave. Once we got to the back of the cave, he told us to all look behind and it was unbelievable. The whole sea cave was lit up blue from the reflection of the sunlight and underwater cavity. It's definitely something to tick off the bucket list!

We then made our way out of the sea cave and back towards our boat. I tell you what, trying to get on and off a rowing boat in the middle of the sea is not an easy thing! Especially when boats are coming and going around us creating big waves. 

We then arrived in Capri where we jumped on a cable car from the harbour up to the main town. For my birthday I wanted to get myself a new handbag that was practical and suitable for every occasion. I had been looking before my birthday but nothing seemed to jump out at me. 

With all of my birthday money, I walked into Balenciaga and fell in love with a bag. She then started showing me a few bags she didn't have on show that were out the back and that's when I found the one I wanted. It was the best way to end the trip and my 21st birthday. 

We then jumped back on our boat and headed back towards Sorrento. Just as we were about to leave Capri, our captain stopped off where we all sat around and drank a bottle of prosecco and reminiscing on the adventures we'd had over the weekend. 

It was our last night in Sorrento so we all dressed up and went to the town for dinner. The next morning we were up and out early to catch our plane back to London. The weekend couldn't have been anymore perfect! I'd like to thank everyone for making my whole birthday celebrations and this trip to Italy so special!

Love Robyn xxx

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