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Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Grey Edit

The main reason I love the winter months is purely for the fashion. You have a wider variety of outfits to chose from and it's the perfect season for layering! Personally, I love to layer my clothes purely for the fact that it makes a look much more interesting and also ... it makes me warmer!

I haven't done one of these blog posts in a while so I thought I'd kick it all off with 'The Grey Edit'. I love the idea of creating an outfit using the same colour in a variety of shades & any shade of grey just seems to go with everything ....

Oversized scarves are literally the best things at the moment & during this time of year they're a wardrobe must. I get very cold easily so during the winter I really rely on things like this. 

This was the day that I drove to London for the first time & what an experience it was! You may of seen over on my Snapchat on the day what happened and how I got on. The main thing is that I made it home in one piece haha. If you haven't already got my snapchat then you can add me on 'batesrobyn' - Don't forget to drop me a message on there too :)


brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with