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Thursday, 8 September 2016

How to Relax After a Long Day

I'm sure that many of us have those long days where all we want to do is get home and relax. For some of us, it's quite hard to relax as we may have lots going on that we're constantly thinking about. I find that sometimes I can be bringing work home with me which means I don't get time to myself. 

Relaxing is so important as you need to wind down in order to get the right balance. I hold my hands up and say that when I've got so much to do, after a while I'm burning the candle at both ends and completely wear myself out. I know it's wrong, I need to work on my time management for that to make sure that I get my own time to chill.

I've decided to list 5 ways of how you can relax after a stressful day; 

Having a Bath

Having a bath allows you to have your own alone time. Maybe you like reading a magazine or you're  stuck into a book - My fav book at the moment is Girl on the Train! I also love to throw in bath bombs  or use some nice smelly bath soap. Having a bath completely allows me to become stress free.

Face Mask

I love face masks! The thought of coming home, taking all of my makeup off and just sitting there with one on is so calming. I always feel so much better when taking them off because my face feels nice and fresh.


Everyone may have certain things they love doing to relax. For instance it could be watching a film, colouring in books or playing some games. Whatever it is, make sure you give yourself that relaxing time in the day to do something you want to do.

Put on some Cosy PJ's

Changing into comfortable clothes is the ultimate way of relaxing! When you're wearing your jeans or maybe even heels all day at work, there's nothing nicer than coming home to put on your PJ's. Personally, I love the fluffy ones so that I can get all cosy on the sofa and watch some reality TV.

Light Candles

Now that it's starting to get darker outside, I love coming home, setting up my laptop in bed and putting some candles on. My fav's are Yankee Candles! To be honest, I must have about 5 of them going in my bedroom at the moment. I find that lighting candles really help me to unwind and slow me down.

Maybe you have a different way that you love to relax? Don't forget to let me know :)

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