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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Dressing Up Your Wardrobe Staples

We all have our wardrobe staples that we rely on. Whether it's a plain white shirt or a simple pair of shoes. There's always that one piece that we can put with near enough every outfit.

I know that I rely on certain pieces. Be it my; black suede skirt, leather jacket or plain tee's. I'm bound to end up throwing them on for a day in the office. 

For me, boot heels have been essential in my wardrobe for years now. Ever since I started The FRA, I've been more adventurous in what I wear. After all, it was a fashion college and everyone was always seen wearing the most fashionable outfits. Since then, I've always worn black boot heels. I would say they're one of my wardrobe staples now!

In all honesty, I've been wearing the same black boots for 2 years now - which are still going strong - but I thought it would be good to introduce a new fresh pair so say hello to these new EGO beauties!

I'm quite short anyway so boot heels help to make my legs look longer and thinner - We all like those little tips to help suit our body shapes and aura. 

The good thing with heels like this is you can completely change your look. If you're going for quite a masculine outfit, you can introduce shoes like these to balance it out. I find that wearing baggy jumpers, joggers or plain tee's can make my outfit look unisex. Add these black patent boots into the mix and you already look girly!

During the autumn and winter, I tend to wear tights with most things. Purely because I love skirts & dresses! Although I wear jeans, I wouldn't say they're the first things I would choose to wear. These boots look absolutely amazing with a pair of tights as they help to extenuate your legs.

What are your wardrobe staples? :)

Love Robyn xxx


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brands I’ve loved working with