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Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday's Blog Post | Camping in Weymouth

I’m away this week camping in Weymouth and it’s interesting to say the least! To be fair, I haven’t had the best start to it - I spent Saturday asleep trying to shake of a migraine. All the joys of suffering from them on a regular!

The last time I went camping was about 3 years ago when I stayed at V Festival for the weekend. That’s a whole new level of camping though as you can imagine! So yes this one is a bit more relaxing.

I love having little get-away’s like this, whether it’s camping or a holiday abroad. It’s nice to have time out from everything and having a laugh with everyone. Oh and it’s the perfect opportunity, of course, to catch up on all of my blogging!

When I’m away from work I feel so motivated to get back to it. I’m probably the only one like this? It gives me time to plan all of my blog posts, arrange new things and catch up with all of my Love Robyn Orders - which I’ll be updating you on soon!

Make sure you’re following me on my Snapchat to see what I get up to whilst I’m away; batesrobyn

Love Robyn xxx 


brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with