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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Maxine Buckley's Hair & Makeup Courses

With Hair Extentions
I was very excited when Maxine Buckley approached me asking whether I would be a model for her new hair and makeup training courses! Not to mention feeling totally flattered at the fact she asked me after all the people that have walked through her life.

Maxine Buckley is a freelance hair and makeup artist who is now going onto teach her own clients.

My Mum booked me a makeup lesson for my 17th birthday with Maxine - goodbye orange tide marks. It was the most valuable skill I have learnt and still use her tips and tricks to this day. I wanted to focus more on eye makeup back then and would love to do another lesson whereby I can learn a bit more about face makeup.

The whole process was so easy! Not to mention she gave me lists of products, brushes and colours that we used. So of course that was the majority of my birthday money gone!

I first met Maxine Buckley way back when she did my hair and makeup for my school prom. Back then, I was very fussy with things like that so to have one trial and love the look was amazing!

A year ago my Aunty and Uncle got married in which I was their Chief Bridesmaid for. When I was told that Maxine would be doing our hair and makeup I was totally confident in how everything would look for the big day. Needless to say, there was no trial needed for that.

 Last weekend, Maxine arrived with 2 suitcases full of hair and makeup products. Every girls dream right? I mean, there was a bag just full of Mac lipsticks!

We worked on my hair and makeup for about 7 hours! 7 hours of being pampered, I was in my absolute element. 

We started with my makeup where she begin to air brush my foundation - I haven’t seen this done anywhere else before! The whole process was so quick and not to mention that it looked totally natural.

Maxine mainly uses Mac products which, I have always had my full confidence in! Apart from the odd products, I’m always using Mac as Maxine taught me how to use them back when I was 17. 

My first look of the day was completely natural and more of an every day look. Again I was given lots of tips about colours that would suit me and colours to avoid for my eye makeup.

Once my first makeup look was finished, she started on my hair. If you know me then you’ll that I LOVE having my hair played with to the point where I will fall asleep. 

Maxine emptied her suitcase and started to use this little pod which heats up hair rollers within just 8 seconds! Maxine always has the newest tech I love it! Once I had my hair full of rollers, the photos started. 

Throughout the day, Maxine built up my hair and makeup and finished by vamping up the whole thing. Maxine is so approachable and easy to spend time with. If ever I asked questions she would be more than happy to answer them for me in depth so that I really got the idea. 

Maxine used a variety of hair tools including the sponge doughnuts and hair extensions in which I will be purchasing my own soon! When you look at certain hair up styles, you wouldn’t necessarily think that these tools had been used. After all, you don’t just need hair extensions for length … You can boost and add volume to your look just by clipping a few in - Trust me, it can change everything! 

At the end, Maxine talked me through every product she had used and really elaborated on the use of hair doughnuts and extensions. I’ve included some snaps of the hair products she used including the backcombing in a bottle, hairspray and heat protection.

Without Hair Extentions
As I mentioned before, Maxine is going to be running her own hair and makeup lessons in September. Throughout the lessons you can learn how to create a variety of styles including these ones. Of course she’ll be giving away her top tips which girls, they are essential!

To apply for her courses, just click HERE. All of her lessons will be based in London and don’t forget to mention my blog to receive 10% off!

Love Robyn xxx


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brands I’ve loved working with