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Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday's Blog Post | Camping in Weymouth

I’m away this week camping in Weymouth and it’s interesting to say the least! To be fair, I haven’t had the best start to it - I spent Saturday asleep trying to shake of a migraine. All the joys of suffering from them on a regular!

The last time I went camping was about 3 years ago when I stayed at V Festival for the weekend. That’s a whole new level of camping though as you can imagine! So yes this one is a bit more relaxing.

I love having little get-away’s like this, whether it’s camping or a holiday abroad. It’s nice to have time out from everything and having a laugh with everyone. Oh and it’s the perfect opportunity, of course, to catch up on all of my blogging!

When I’m away from work I feel so motivated to get back to it. I’m probably the only one like this? It gives me time to plan all of my blog posts, arrange new things and catch up with all of my Love Robyn Orders - which I’ll be updating you on soon!

Make sure you’re following me on my Snapchat to see what I get up to whilst I’m away; batesrobyn

Love Robyn xxx 


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I've Been Blogging for a Year!

Isn't it crazy how time flies? Well scary in fact! I mean, we're almost in September. Where has this year gone? Oh and talking about year ... I've been blogging for that long now!
So basically we can call it my first year anniversary?!

August 2015 Blog Post 'OOTD'
On the 28th of August 2015, I decided to upload my first ever blog post. It wasn't that bad as I didn't actually let anyone know that I had published it. Now I share my posts on every single social platform I run! - Bit of a difference

September 2015 Blog Post 'Lifestyle | Relaxing Saturday Essentials'
My First Blog Post
It was just About Me. I didn't really know much about topics and didn't have any confidence what so ever to have someone picture me in an outfit - Which was my biggest aim for my blog - So I played safe and wrote About Me. At some point I would of written this on my blog so I thought I'd start off with it. That month I probably had about 10 views on my blog which I was very pleased with.

October 2015 Blog Post 'Fall into Autumn'
My First Serious Blog Post
This is when it all got real! I thank Ellie Ratcliffe for this as she persuaded me to make that jump from the little blog I was doing on the side, to something that was next level. For me, it was huge having to stand there and pose, act serious and look away from the camera all for a blog post. I thought I looked like an idiot and although I tried not to show it much, yes I was shy. Very shy.

November 2015 'Winter White Wardrobe' - Which was posted on Topshop Brazil Instagram. Whaaa?!
Then I uploaded my first ever serious blog post - Fall Into Autumn - with real photography photos. I remember sitting round Sam's, literally pooing myself. Wondering what people would think of me and what they would all say. Then I published it. Shared it via Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. The following week I had a few people asking me if I was going into modelling? I heard a few vanity comments too. Which is everything far from! Blogging isn't about vanity what so ever and nor is it modelling. It's something that people love doing to show their passion, style and share their experiences. Well, people use blogging for all sorts of things.

December 2015 Blog Post 'Topshop Boiler Blues'
So getting back to my first blog post. I had started my blog in the August and by the October I started to make it known by everyone else around me. I had over 1000 views just for that post! So I went from about 20-50 views a month, to 1000 views in just one day. That's when I realised it was starting to get serious! 

January 2016 Blog Post 'Luxury Air BNB in London'
My Most Successful Blog Post Yet
Going by my statistics, 50 Facts About Me | YouTube Video has been my most successful yet. Maybe because it was my first YouTube video and I was opening up my blog to a whole new platform. Since blogging I've learnt that using a variety of platforms helps to increase your status. Someone who doesn't like reading blogs may love watching YouTube videos. The more you put yourself up for, the more you'll get out of it.

February 2016 Blog Post 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'
The other blog posts that have been most successful are;
Motivational Fitness Tips | Elle Sport

March 2016 Blog Post 'My Favourite Gym class with Pink Soda Sport' - JD Sports & Pink Soda Sport posted it on their Insta!
Don't Look Back
Since I started my blog, I've never looked back. It's the best thing I have ever done and I feel like it's completely changed my life. Not just in what I do, but also in my whole outlook on life. I love noting everything down that I do so that one day I can look back - like now - to see how far I've come. It's so rewarding! 

April 2016 Blog Post '50 Facts About Me YouTube Video'
I love coming home from work to parcels waiting by my door for me to open up and review. By the way, if you think it's all about getting gifts then you've got it wrong. Yes it's amazing but I never realised now much hard work goes into everything behind the scenes. I have learnt so much about the internet and how it all works. This is one of the biggest things to look at when running a  blog which not many people realise - I certainly didn't. 

May 2016 Blog Post 'London City Girl'
I love building new relationships with so many different people is amazing and probably is one of the best things about it! I love meeting new people, having girly chats and discussing our blogs.

June 2016 Blog Post 'Shangri La Hotel The Shard'
If you're thinking about starting up a blog then just go for it! If it's something that your passionate about and feel like you can keep it up then why not? 

July 2016 Blog Post 'Working Away From Home | Florence'
Take a look back at my previous blog posts that I uploaded around August, September & October last year. Let me know what you think!

August 2016 Blog Post 'August Beauty Haul & YouTube Video'
I have so much to look forward to and I know that it's only going to get better. 
This is the start! 
Love Robyn xxx 


Thursday, 18 August 2016

How to Resolve Stress & Create a Better You

Everyone has their down days when things just get a bit too much and get the best of us. And don't let that freak you out because it's completely normal! It's just a phase, it's not the end of the world and everyone goes through it.

To be completely honest with you, I had a melt down last week where my emotions got the best of me. I wouldn't say I'm the toughest person, but also not the most sensitive. I'm strong when it comes to my work ethic and being moral with general day-to-day things. There's times when I'm surprised by how determined I can be when I truly believe in something. Little daily hurdles and problems that I face don't often get to me. I'm quite laid back with things like that. Half the time it just goes over my head.

I'd like to explain my emotions as a glass of water. You know, the usual saying you get ... There's only so much I can take before it all gets too much and that's when you see my sensitive side (I get that from my Mum)

Okay so the reason I had a little melt down last week was because my work load got a bit too much for me to handle. Not that I'm complaining about work because I love what I do. I just found myself stressing about what I had to do and I didn't have a clue where to start. I guess that's normal.

So for the day I felt like the world was falling apart, I was a huge failure and I'm never going to get anywhere - I like to think extreme, can you tell? 

It takes me just one day like this to realise that it's no biggie. I get stressed, you get stressed, everyone gets stressed. It's just the matter of how we all handle it;

If I had to give you a trait about myself that I think I'm best at, it's this. I'm always thinking positive no matter what the situation is. You face life situations that you have to get over. You can't change them, that's the whole point of learning and growing up I guess. I remember when I had my first car accident, nothing too huge thank goodness! But at the time, it was the scariest thing I had been through. Thankfully, I only had to replace two tyres on my car which, at the time, was going to cost me my months wages as I was still at college. But you know, these things happen. Until now I'm grateful that I got off lightly. I didn't ruin the body of my car, I wasn't hurt and finally; nobody died! It's good to put things into perspective and remember that things can always be worse.

I've always been one to appreciate everything that's good. After all; you didn't have to get invited to that new blogging event or your Mum didn't have to buy that new dress you said you liked. It's the little things that get me most. I believe that if you appreciate things and are grateful then more things come your way.

Maybe it's not the first thing you want to do off this list, but trust me, I builds your self confidence so much more! I'm always on the go, literally I don't stop. I'll come home from work and jump straight on my laptop blogging. If I'm not doing that then I'm working on my Love Robyn Collection or down the gym. A while back, I spent a few hours on my sofa watching the TV and couldn't believe how guilty I felt all because I hadn't done anything productive. Working hard motivates me to get things done and build my life up to where I want it to be. 

This is a huge tip for myself. I NEED to work out but I struggle to find the time. What I've always tried to do is go every night. Well it doesn't happen. Instead what I'm going to do is manage my time a whole lot better. I'm going to set myself a goal of going to the gym 3 times a week just to start off with. I'll give myself certain days which I need to go and stick to that for a while. Once I start seeing my results it will motivate me to add on another day. Things don't have to happen straight away, most things happen gradually.

This is one of the most important things for me. I struggle to have me time because of the above and being busy. When I was in college, the idea of having me time was cleaning my bedroom out (most people love watching TV or reading books) Not me. I still like to be productive in some way, shape or form. I love to declutter and get rid of things I haven't used for a while. I use to do this every Sunday afternoon which set me up for the week. What's your favourite thing to do?

Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, it's just the way of life. The most important thing is how you pick yourself up and move on from it. These are just a few things that work for me.

Outfit Details

Blue Knotted Haiband : My Kitsch
Blue Off the Shoulder Dress : LaSula Boutique (similar)

Photography by Ellie Ratcliffe

Love Robyn xxx


Sunday, 14 August 2016

August Beauty Haul & YouTube Video

When you get sent a bag full of hair and beauty products, what are you supposed to do? A Beauty Haul!

I received the bag of goodies and couldn’t believe how much stuff I had been sent. I sat there opening everything with my Mum and Dad just staring at me – Just in as much shock as I was

I’ve been sent quite a lot of stuff since blogging which, I’m eternally grateful for! But never as much as this in one go!

Isn’t it every girls dream to receive their favourite hair bands, bath bombs, eyeshadow pallets and lots more of amazing products to try out? Stuff like this makes me so excited because there’s such a variety. Maybe this calls for a girls pamper night in?

You’ll probably see all of these bits over my social for a while. I just can’t help but obsess over every single thing.

I couldn’t wait to show you all what I got and the products I can’t wait to try out. Head over to my YouTube Channel to have a look

Products Featured

Nail Files (Similar)
Make Up Brushes
Cream, Pink & Peach Boxed Hairbands
Knotted Coloured Hair Ties
Blue Blowdry Spray
Boxed Face Mask
MUA Eyeshadow Pallete
Pink KMS Off Duty Hair Style Kit
Sienna Body Balm
Sienna Tan Lotion
Nail Varnishes
Matte Lighter Pink Velvet Lipstick
Pretty Stick First Love Red Lipstick
Matte Darker Pink MUA Lipbalm
Bath Bombs

Love Robyn xxx


brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with