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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Stories of Marbella

Well, where do I start with telling you all about my recent girly holiday to Marbella? I'll try to cut it short/er ... 

Me and two of my girlfriends have just come back from an amazing week in Marbella, Spain. Not so relaxing, but what would you expect?! After all, we knew we would be spending the majority of our holiday at pool parties and in night clubs. I'm more of a daytime-pool party girl myself.

I haven't been home a week yet and I'm already having those holiday blues. Throughout the holiday, I was forever posting on my social - taking full advantage of all the content it was giving me! If you missed it, then take a look below at what we got up to;

Plaza Beach
We booked to go to this pool party twice within the week; once to chill out and socialise with a few cocktails, the other for a pool party, a foam party that is. This was the first place we went to on our holiday and we had the intention of relaxing, listening to music and trying to catch a sun tan. I say tan, I burnt. It was also the last pool party we went to whilst in Marbella. We had a few too many drinks and a thousand of funny memories were made. All part of a girly holiday!

Sisu Boutique
This is the place to go. I don't know anyone as of yet to go to Marbella and not go to Sisu for the day. The pool party was nonstop, people were jumping in the pool - I was one of those people. When I'm away, I don't like to take myself too seriously, after all, life is far too short to go a day without laughing! The small swimming pools were heaving and the atmosphere was insane. Not to mention I must of been sprayed with champagne a good few times.

Chris Brown
Oh my god, where do I even start?! So if you missed the whole story on my snapchat, then I'll tell you all about it now! We were about to leave Sisu Boutique and out of nowhere, my friends turn round to me and say, Robyn you have to keep it cool. I was puzzled to then find out that we were all on our way to Chris Brown's hotel room. Random I know?! As we stood outside, his tour manager made us all hand over our phones so that Chris Brown could have his own privacy. As we walked in, it looked like a typical American music video, I loved it! There were girls in the hot tub, girls outside on the sunbeds, people all sitting around chatting and eating a whole load of room service! It was unbelievable. Oh and yes, I'm a huge Chris Brown fan so it pretty much made my holiday. After talking to him for a while it was time for us to go as he was performing at Cavalli Club that night. I had to save myself from the drowned rat look! If I knew I would be meeting Chris Brown that day, I would of not been jumping in the pool all day!!! So when we said goodbye, I managed to bag myself a hug from him ;) Since I've been home, I found out that T-Pain was also in the room with us too! How crazy is that?!

Ocean Beach Club
I got it all wrong. There's me thinking that we would be up dancing and drinking throughout the day. It was so chilled! To the point where me and my one of my friends actually fell asleep on the sunbed. Probably just catching up on some sleep and maybe because we went on a week day. I've heard that there's a lot going on over the weekend, like with anywhere really. So that's on the list for next year!

Attempting to Relax
The last day we planned to go back to Sisu Boutique but I think Marbella got the best of us. 4/5 hours sleep each night wasn't the best for us so we just decided to have a relaxing day around our swimming pool. Not quite the Sisu one, but it was good enough. It's just what we needed considering we were flying home that night.

That just sums up a bit our holiday to Marbella, Spain. What a week it was! I feel like I need another holiday now to get over that one haha. I laughed the whole week, I'm so grateful to have a group of girls like them!

Make sure you take a look at My Instagram to see lots more pics of my holiday of Marbella

Love Robyn xxx


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