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Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Importance of Networking

Until now, I haven't had much contact with other bloggers that are at the same stage as me blogging wise. Don't get me wrong, I have spoken to bloggers - here and there - but nothing too major.  

I haven't been posting as much on my blog recently as I've been taking a step back from it and trying to work out what I can improve on. Yes you guessed it ... networking was one of them!

This week I branched out a bit more and yesterday I met up with @aoifecooksey and @sammiesefer. Two girls I feel like I have so much in common with and cannot wait to get to know them more! We spent the day walking around London doing ya'no, usual girly things ...

Like I said, recently I've learnt how important networking is and why it's a necessity with having your own blog. If you're wondering why, take a look below;

Building Relationships
Who would ever turn down the chance and opportunity to make new friends? Certainly not me! I've always loved speaking to new people and building relationships, as the saying goes - the more the merrier! I can't explain how much fun I had yesterday socialising about something we all have in common. Out of the blogging world, not many people know what goes on and how much detail there is to it. So having someone else to talk to about it is key! 

Helping Hand
It's always good to help others out and give them a few tips if they feel like they're lacking something. Not that I ever give things to receive, but it's always good to know that someone will be there for you if you ever need advise. After all, that's what friends are for and we're here to help each other out right?

I'm always getting inspiration and admiring other bloggers for coming up with new creative content and images. I would never dream of copying someone no matter how much I loved their idea. Instead I love taking inspiration and creating something that's true to me, something that I can relate to and that suits my style. It's always easier to inspire your friends when you know them!

The real beauty of blogging is being able to meet new people that you can call friends. Bloggers I have spoken to so far have all been so friendly. I cannot wait to meet more and start building relationships with them!

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Love Robyn xxx


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brands I’ve loved working with