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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Shangri La Hotel - The Shard

Well where do I begin? ... 

When I say, I was speechless walking into this room, I literally mean it! I've never been so blown away by a bedroom & bathroom view before!

Friday night me and Sam booked up to stay in the Shangri La Hotel at The Shard. It wasn't until a few weeks ago I even knew it existed! Sam was digging down Instagram one day and came across it. We have wanted to go since then but couldn't really justify spending that much money for no reason. But then we found one!

Nothing huge but on Friday it was our 1 year and a half anniversary - good enough? So we booked one nights stay and wow it was insane!

As soon as we arrived at the Shangri La Hotel, we were shown to the reception area to check in - which was on the 30th floor! We were then taken up to the 45th floor where our room was. The women told us that she had booked this particular room as she wanted to make it extra special and not every room had it! - She kept us waiting to find out what it was

She stood at the door with us and handed us the key, Sam - of course - ran straight in to see what it was all about. We had the most amazing view over looking Tower Bridge, The Tower of London and Canary Wharf. She then told us to take a look in the next room so find out what was so special!

A bath against the window overlooking the whole of London!!!

Everything else was just a dream, even down to having a sky pool which was on the 52nd floor!

Of course the Shangri La Hotel is the best I've stayed in to date! I would hugely suggest going if you're planning on having a special occasion as it's certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

From The Shard, we then got a train straight to Gatwick airport to continue our travels onto Barcelona - which will be my next blog post so make sure you keep an eye out!

Love Robyn xxx


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brands I’ve loved working with