The Royal Ascot

This week I was invited to a day out at The Royal Ascot Horse Racing with the rest of the team at Base Childrenswear. Surely that's a work perk right?!

On Tuesday, we all jumped on the mini bus from work with huge boxes of croissants, bags of crisps and a whole load of alcohol! Needless to say we all had our first drink by 10am ... you can see where this is heading, can't you?

I've wanted to go Royal Ascot for a few years now but never actually got round to booking it. So you can imagine, I was over the moon when I found out we were all being treated to a day out at the races!

And going onto betting ... betting?! I can honestly say that I will never be a professional gambler as I clearly found that out this week! - I just have no idea - And for another treat (more?!) we were all given free betting vouchers. In the beginning I thought I had the whole technique down to a tea. I was looking through the programme, checking all of the odds, their results on past races ... So you get the gist, I thought I knew it all! Turns out I completely lost both bets and that was the end of that :)

I have now learnt that I'm terrible at betting and I should just stick to the daytime job :)

These are just a few pics I took of the AMAZING (despite the weather) day out!

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Love Robyn xxx


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